Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ten Happy Men (and Women) Judgement Day! The Sonoma International Film Festival Grande Finale!

 Well, all good things must come to an end and we bid a fond farewell to The Sonoma International Film Festival on Sunday night.
  I finally came down off of my high heels and into sandals, as the Festival Jury met at Saddles for the Judges Brunch..Judgement Day!
   When they say Saddles at this place, they're not kidding, as you can see from the decor.

After tucking into a lovely brunch of eggs Benedict, cereals, pastries, sausage, yogurt..you name it we settled down to argue out the prize winners of the films we'd seen.

Finally we had our winners list. This wasn't easy as the films we were judging in all categories were very good. Hey, nobody said this was gonna be easy, but then that's why we get the big brunch.
  That night we assembled at The Backlot Big White Tent for food, wine, music and awards.

It seemed like every film fan in town had turned out for the festivities, and I mean every film fan.
The Jaywalkers played
And the judges took the stage.
Alan and I judged the short film division and were very pleased to award the film The Hirosaki Players Best Dramatic Short.
Below, the happy filmmakers director Jeff Sousa (right) and his editor Micheal Louis Hill.
 The festival was a lot of fun for us and for all the attendees. We're looking forward to more fun next year.
For now, the Big Tent has been folded up and taken away, the Fimmakers have gone home or on to other festivals, Harvey has rolled his donut truck back up the road to Glen Ellen and for us, it's back to real life, finishing the project we're working on and cooking more Indian food.


  1. That lasted for a long time, I had no idea Sonoma had an international film festival. I can see you got to enjoy yourself quite a bit, but no more donuts!

  2. It must be an amazing experience to judge a film festival. I love watching/making movies, plus being in Sonoma, I am sure the wine was flowing!

  3. Great pictures! I love the picture of you with the horse. Looks like you had a fantastic time!



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