Sunday, April 18, 2010

Manolos And A Martini Glass Of Mashed Potatoes...The Sonoma International Film Festival Part lll

 Saturday was Gala Night at The Sonoma International Film Festival. Everything in the day was building up to the giant evenings' entertainment and the Spotlight Award featuring Robin Williams who isn't exactly a stranger around here, and original proto-supermodel Lauren Hutton.
  The whole town was abuzz, waiting for the evenings festivities. I had been eating all sorts of things I usually wouldn't eat in a given day since Thursday, but was bravely soldiering on.
Saturday involved  yet another trip to the Backlot Big White Tent, with my All Access Jury Food Pass. Who did I find at one of the booths, but cheesemaker Sheana Davis.
 Sheana is the friend that food lovers dream of. I can hardly believe that the home made cheese that she would bring over to our house to "try out" on movie nights a couple of years ago is now served at the French Laundry. That is the kind of friend to have.
It turned out that Sheana was serving her delicious Delice de la Vallee cheese with both rose petal jelly and also with pesto.
She also had a number of pasta salads, cured olives and strawberries in lemoncello.
All of these were served with little bags of homemade crunchy crostini. I grabbed a couple, found a quiet corner and sat down to get acquainted. One more trip to Harveys' Gourmet Donut Bar and I was set up for the day.
 The evening found us at the historic Sebastiani Theatre for the presentation of the Spotlight award and a conversation with  Lauren Hutton and Robin Williams.
Much hilarity ensued. The theatre was packed and now that it's over and the Fire Marshall is out of range, I can say that people were sitting in the aisles. It was beyond standing room only.
The Gala evening event followed at Ramekins.
 Wine, champagne and volcanic water (you should have heard Robin Williams' comments about that!) were served in the patio.
 Of course there was music, while people mingled in the garden.
The party moved indoors in search of food.
    There was an assortment of treats, small and fast moving. I remember various cheeses, salmon hache (?). As soon as the servers would bring the next thing out people fell upon it. I would have had pictures but when hunger is involved they have not made the camera fast enough to keep up with me.
  A few hours later as I found myself in my stiletto Manolos which I had not worn since moving here from LA three years ago (you can imagine how that felt) holding a martini glass of hot mashed potatoes topped with wild Sonoma mushrooms and home cured pancetta....somehow I knew it was time to leave the party. Also, to get hold of any photos of me holding said glass and eating hot mashed potatoes with an iced tea spoon in the middle of a Gala.
 We decided to call it a night.
  This morning with aching feet, we reported to the Jury Brunch and the final days' events. More to come.


  1. wow, this is beyond awesome. all of Sheana's items sound amazing, especially the strawberries in lemoncello. what a great bonus to get to heard the comedy of Robin Williams with a day of great food!

  2. You are having way too much fun up in sonoma, I think I will come and join the party!

  3. I'm so jealous! I look forward to the next update!

  4. what a great time...the cheeses look you go girl..


  5. Kathy, what an awesome party! Just look at all those people. Can't find you anywhere...of coz you're holding the camera. haha.... I bet you had a great time there. Now, where is Robin William???? Can't find him either!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Blessings, Kristy

  6. Very cool! Looks like a blast.

  7. You're right friends like Sheana are a treasure - wow! To be so lucky to have that cheese hand delivered to your place. I have also grown to adore the combination of cheese and rose jam in amazing!

    The event sounds incredible and fun - what an amazing evening and in such a gorgeous setting.



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