Friday, January 31, 2014

Super Bowl Bites, Something For Everyone.

   With Super Bowl coming up it's time to start thinking about what to toss out to your family and friends that's easy and fun to eat. Making ahead helps, as do recipes that meet dietary needs for those who might be gluten free (a whole lot of my friends are.) So here are a few suggestions for weekend eating that may take you a bit off the beaten path of simple chips, dips, burgers and dogs and some that might be a bit more familiar.

   Starting off with one of my favorite party time recipes Chili Verde.

Make a big pot of this and you can cool your jets while you let your guests put their own toppings on. Did I mention it's even better the next day? So make it ahead.

If you're looking for a spicy bread for gluten free guests, try this:  Gujarati Handvo.
Make the batter ahead of time and pop it in the oven for baking when they arrive.

For a switch up in the potato department, there are always Tater Tots done South Indian style aka Bonda.

Why spend a fortune on store bought when it's so easy and much cheaper to Make Your Own Kale Chips.

Of course who can forget these tasty little gluten free Indian savory donuts? Vada, perfect for Super Bowl noshing, Make the batter head of time and cook them up before your guests arrive. Keep them warm in the oven before serving.

Want something a biut fancier? You can always get a nice piece of salmon and smoke it, especially if you're a Seahawks fan. Smoked Salmon is a lot easier than you think.

If you're a Denver fan, try making this Dal Makhani. It's an Indian version of chili . Let your slow cooker do the work for this make ahead treat.

For other finger food, you can use a dim sum theme and make your own Bao.

Yam Koftas make for a fast and easy gluten free finger food, that's great with a cold one.

If you've got a butternut squash or a pumpkin hanging around try making these  Gluten Free Pumpkin Koftas with a simple sauce.

Or try a big old plate of Indian Style Fries.

There are always Momo dumplings made fast and easy with pre-made wraps from the market.

Baked Crab Samosas are simple using frozen filo dough as a wrapper.

For dessert try a simple Ricotta Pudding.

Or try Caramelized Apples With Pistachios and Walnuts 
it's easy and gluten free!

Want home made ice cream but don't have a machine? Get out a mold and try this Easy Indian Kulfi.

If you're feeling ambitious and have gluten free guests coming, bake this Gluten Free Pear and Almond Cake.

It's easier than you think.
And for the Big Easy, try making these individual Individual Cakes in a Jar using a microwave. It doesn't get much easier than that.

So there they are some suggestions for party food for Super Bowl Weekend.
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