Saturday, November 10, 2012

Back to Basics, Saffron Pistachio Ice Cream

   It's been a mad two weeks around here and I still can't totally wrap my head around what's been going on. We've been spending our days and nights at the hospital and now rehab for Fran, and all of this was just Whammo right out of nowhere. We didn't see it coming. So before all the craziness started, I was innocently planning and cooking a dinner for St. Martins Press publication of The Essential James Beard Cookbook.

Excellent olive oils were  contributed  by the good people  at California Olive Ranch. For dessert because of a few unmolding "technical difficulties," I turned an accident with Mr. Beard's Almond Torte into a trifle layered with something I felt would go perfectly. To add a bit of Indian flair to the dessert, I decided on a  recipe I'd seen and admired from The Tartlette I tweaked it just a bit and came up with Saffron Orange Pistachio Ice Cream.

Saffron Orange Pistachio Ice Cream

Here's What You Need:

2 cups of whipping cream
1 cup of milk
1 cup of sugar
zest from 1 orange
5 green cardamom pods
A pinch of saffron
1/3 of a cup of raw pistachios

Here's What To Do:

In a pot or pan mix together the milk, cream, orange zest, and sugar.
Crack the cardamom pods and add the seeds from inside and the pods to the milk mixture.
Bring the mixture to a simmer on a low heat, stir things up a bit and make sure the sugar is totally dissolved.
When it starts to simmer, take it off the heat and set it aside to steep.
Let it cool to room temperature then refrigerate it.
It's best if it's refrigerated overnight.
Pour the fully steeped liquid through a strainer.

Press down on the stuff that's left behind to get any extra flavor.

Add in the chopped pistachios.

Add a few threads of saffron to the mixture.

Pour into your ice cream machine, and you're good to go!

As I mentioned, I layered this with cake and unsweetened whipped cream, but it's great just on it's own. Believe me, I tried it that way.

   I'd meant to write this up earlier, but today is the first day in two weeks I've actually cooked anything. It feels good to be back in the kitchen. Its been a rough three weeks and it remains to be seen what comes next on the parental front. So many of my friends are going through similar things right now. Hearing from other people who have been down this road or are on it right now helps and I'm very grateful for everyones' support.

   Coming up next, right now..who the hell knows? The one thing that is certain is that it involves chocolate and olive oil. Follow along on Twitter @kathygori


  1. I do so understand the stress your under.. I went through that with my mom... god bless you.. it's obviously cooking is your stress reliever and this is one heck of a great recipe.. hope things get better soon.. god bless and thinking of you... your a great supporter and blogger hang in there.

  2. This looks truly superb! Those flavors of cardomom, saffron and pistachio are some of my very favorites.

    All the best wishes for your Mom's speedy recovery!

    Frank @Memorie di Angelina

  3. I am glad you got back into the kitchen sweetie.

  4. I am sure she is glad you are there! And this is a wonderful way to just relax...a bit....



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