Friday, October 1, 2010

Thanks Everybody! I Made it To Round #3!!!

I am totally stoked and freaked out that I made it this far! Tonight I'm throwing my luxury dinner and I've been shopping and cooking since yesterday. Alan and Mr. X and I went to OM for lunch yesterday
 ...and then hit Malabar Market for supplies....
"What, no Coconut vinegar??"
 ...and started thinking of true Luxury Dinner decor. How does one "put on the dog" as they say?
 What do you think of this guy? Do I need him on the table? Or is that going too far?

   I finished pre-cooking my main course last night at around midnight. So I'm pretty glad I made it through Round 2. Also my computer decided to have a nervous breakdown yesterday morning which is why I've been so absent on the blogs. I'm using Alans' computer to post while he works on getting mine fixed. Now I must get back to my stove. I cannot leave my Kitchen Wallah aka "Patsy" unsupervised around any proteins too long.
   Once again, thanks to all who voted for me. Look for my luxury dinner posting... after we've eaten it!!


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