Monday, September 27, 2010

Project Food Blog: Well, I Made it to Round #2 Where I'm Out Of My Element!

"You're out of your element Donnie!"
   Ah, our elements. How we love them. The safe, the familiar.  I love my comfort zone.  My tidy little island of Indian food. I always associate The Danger Zone with that old song from Top Gun and stuff exploding! Oh, and Kenny Loggins. Props to Kenny Loggins. The Danger Zone and Out of My Element always make me cringe a little bit. I have said before, I am a big chicken and I don't see why we can't incorporate safety belts into our daily attire. So going out on a limb for Project Food Blog was a scary little trip for me. 
  When they asked us to cook something we don't cook, and have no experience with, all I could think of was The Big Lebowski (I'm A Little Lebowski Achiever) and Walter Sobchek lecturing poor Donnie. Then I realized we were all in the same boat. Everyone was cooking what they were unfamiliar with and it's been great fun and very enlightening visiting all the other contestants sites and seeing what everyone is up to. And proud we are of all of them!
  I think someone once said that the last refuge of a scoundrel is politics and chocolate. So that's where I decided to go. Not the politics part, but the chocolate. I cooked up a Mole Negro inspired by the dish I always have enjoyed at La Guelaguetza in Los Angeles. What I learned in this round was that making a Mole is hard work, and a whole lot of appreciation for those that do it every day.
  So here's my Mole.
Vote For Me:
      I made it to Round 2 in the Project Foodbuzz Foodblogger of The Year Competition. 
     So for anyone who hasn't heard about this before, what exactly is this Project Foodblog Contest and why do I want it so badly???
     Project Food Blog is the first-ever interactive competition where thousands of Foodbuzz Featured    Publishers are competing in a series of culinary blogging challenges for the chance to advance and a  shot at the ultimate prize: $10,000 and a special feature on for one year
     Voting is now open  until the 30th and I'm trying to make the cut to the next round. Please register to vote on (it's free!) or if you're already a member, do me a solid,  Click  HERE and give me a vote and help me make it to the next round.


  1. I've always wanted to try a mole but was too scared to! Looks great. I'll vote for ya.

  2. Good luck moving to the next level. I am sure you will do just fine! :)

  3. Hey Kathy,
    Congrats and good luck to you. I voted for you again.

  4. ...too funny.. I adore the Big Lebowski..that movie makes me smile! As the Dude says...You got my vote lady!

  5. I did not realize that mole was so much work until I read about them on other food blogs. Congrats on Round 1 and all the best for Round 2!

  6. As long as no one peed on your rug, I think you'll be fine!



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