Friday, July 3, 2009

Who's Afraid Of Major Grey???

Who the heck is Major Grey and why is his name all over my mango chutney?
I hate to burst your bubble but Major Grey probably ranks up there with Santy Claus and the Easter Bunny for real characters. Sorry Virgina, there is no Major Grey it's a made up name that's been around for years and is sort of synonymous with mango chutney.
Anyone can call themselves Major Grey and stick it on a chutney jar, there's no copyright , it's just that easy. Almost as easy as making your own Mango Chutney.
So , let's do it.
First, get yourself
1.) 6 or 7 mid size mangos..the ones without cup holders or leather upholstery. They don't have to be ripe, firm ones work just as well. Peel and cube them, and put them in a large bowl.

2.) Sprinkle them with 2 Tbs of salt, and 2 1/2 cups of Indian Palm Sugar (it's called jaggery) or light brown sugar will do. Once that's done set it aside for at least 1/2 hour.

3.) In a very heavy pot heat up about three Tbs of any vegetable oil. I prefer peanut oil. When it's hot toss in

4.) 1 Tbs of brown mustard seeds. Once they start to pop, lower your heat and add

5.) 2 teaspoons of crushed cumin seeds.

6.) 2 cloves

7.) One 3 inch stick of cinnaomon and stir it up.

8.) Pour in the mango salt and sugar mix. It'll be fairly liquid since the salt and sugar will have pulled a lot of juice from the mangos.

9.) Bring your chutney to a boil then lower the heat to a simmer.

10.) Toss in 1/2 teasp of turmeric.

stir and simmer it like that uncovered for 1 and 1/2 hours. Always eyeball it as depending on your mangos it could take less or more time. DON'T let it stick or burn.

11.) Once it's nice and thick add in 1/2 teasp. of cayenne pepper.

Taste test to see how hot you want to make it. And you're done. This will keep covered in the fridge for several days.
If you want to bottle this chutney sterilize , some jars and lids and follow normal canning procedure as you would with any jam. I'm calling mine Empress Kathy's Mango Chutney .

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