Friday, June 26, 2009

Lassi Comes Home

Lassi is not just a dog!

When an Indian calls for Lassi, he's not looking for his lost Collie. He's looking for one of the coolest, most refreshing drinks in the world.

Indians have to know how to stay cool, refreshed and hydrated with the proper balance of what one needs in a tropical climate, and so they came up with Lassi. It's sort of their version of Gatorade, but a thousand times more delicious and it's easy to make at home on a hot Summer day when getting off the couch let alone into the kitchen seems impossible.

All you need for a pitcher of ice cold Lassi is:

2 cups of plain yogurt. You can use either regular or non-fat.
Mix that with 2 cups of water, icy cold.
Some people like their Lassi thicker, some thinner, so adjust the water balance 'til it's just right for you.
Stir it up and toss in a pinch of salt. Salt is important for a cooling drink when it's hot and sweaty outside.
Some sugar. I usually add about 2 tbs. when I'm making a pitcher of Lassi. It's up to you how sweet you want it.
Finally add 1 teasp. of Rose Water or Orange Flower Water for a fragrant, cooling drink that'll make you feel like you're in a tropical garden even if you're only running through sprinklers in your own backyard.

If sweet's not your thing, instead of sugar and Rose water, add 1 teasp. of ground Cumin and a little finely chopped, fresh mint for a savory version.

Either way, once your Lassi is done stir it well and serve it over ice


  1. Hey Kathy! Love Lassi a lot! Nice to see the Indian spices in your kitchen!!!

  2. thank you we drink Lassi all the time here in summer. I love your website by the way. Very nice. Great recipes.

  3. I'm craving a nice glass of lassi now, or as we gujaratis call it... 'Chas'. Yum!

  4. ho ho!! It's cold and rainy and I'm building fires over here? Is it hot in the UK? I've got a whole box of coconut burfi thanks to you. Pictures to come.

  5. Oh Lassi lassi, how I just adore that drink, and rose water is the perfect final touch, it's like perfume to me.

  6. No Indian meal is complete without Lassi.



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