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Rosewater, Pistachios, And Dried Fruit Makes An Easy Indian Salad

   Two weeks ago I was planning a Valentines day post. I was going to cook a couple of wild ducks, gifted us by a friend in my tandoor. Some unforseen issues came up and I didn't get to the tandoor ducks (which yes, I will be featuring very soon) but I did manage to get my side dish made which is an Indian  Rosewater and Dried Fruit Salad recipe, sort of a cross between a relish and a chutney. About those Indian salads. I have a LOT of recipes for them and I've made plenty over the years . Most Indian salads don't resemble what non Indians may think of as "salad." Indian salads aren't full of lettuce, or ranch dressing, or croutons, but they have a healthy charm all their own, and no absence of flavor. 

   This is a bright, tasty salad, and as for the ingredients, you likely have some in your kitchen right now. And if you don't you can find what you need at almost any market. Dried fruit, pistachios, star anise, sugar, water, and rosewater. That's it. It doesn't get much simpler.

Dates, apricots, dried cherries, dried figs, currants are the base of the salad. It also contains chopped pistachios, which can be substituted for walnuts if you'd like.


 Indian Rosewater And Dried Fruit Salad


Here's What You Need:

70 grams (2.4 ozs) Dried apricots

70 grams dried cherries

70 grams dried figs

70 grams dried currants

1 cinnamon stick

1/4 cup of  fresh squeezed orange juice 

(I used blood oranges because I had some and I love the color)

2 star anise

1/4 cup sugar

1/2 cup pistachios (or walnuts)

1/2 Tbs rosewater

Here's What To Do:

Chop all of the fruit into bite size pieces.

Put the fruit into a large salad bowl.

Add in the nuts.

Mix everything together and set it aside.

Juice the oranges.

Pour the orange juice, sugar, cinnamon stick, and the star anise into a small pot. Combine everything well and simmer the mixture until it turns syrupy.

While I was waiting for everything to get to the right consistency I watched the bird battles going on around the feeder outside the kitchen window. Everybody wants their regular seating at the feeder and walk-ins aren't particularly welcome, at least when that red breasted guy's around.

 Once the syrup is ready, strain it over the fruit mixture and toss the whole spices.

Mix everything together.

And cover with plastic wrap. Allow the salad to rest until the fruit is soft, then drizzle it with the Rosewater.

Stir everything together and serve it up.

  This is a great relish for any chicken, duck, game hen, whatever. It's also good with rice and lentil dishes and well, on the side with almost anything. You might even use it to top ice cream or a sundae. Try that with any ordinary lettuce salad. Dare ya. 

I have been informed that my husband would like to road-test that particular idea so maybe you'll be seeing that soon. Coming up next ,more Indian recipes including a vegetarian masala kheema. Follow along in Twitter @kathygori

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