Saturday, February 29, 2020

The Homdoor Has Landed!!!

   A few months ago the good people at Homdoor  the makers of the tandoor oven for business and home, sent me my very own home tandoor.  We moved it to the garden, and after a few months of rain, freezing temps, and winds, it's now opening for business. In short, I'm learning how to use it. I've been cooking Indian food now for 30 years and have always been curious about a tandoor oven, fantasized about having one and now....ta da!!!! I've got one! There's a big difference between baking naan bread in a jerry-rigged home brick oven using pizza stones, and a tandoor that heats up super hot and super fast. First off, all things cook waaaaaay faster, secondly it's just fun to use.

   Last Saturday I decided to fire it up for the first time. My model runs on propane. It can also be used with regular charcoal, but since we live in Sonoma Country which is wildfire central the last several years, propane is our chosen fuel. I decided to start off with some naan bread, since I'm used to baking that but  baking it on the clay walls of a tandoor was quite a bit different. Last Saturdays' practice session was an adventure. Tomorrow I'm going to be baking with my tandoor again and will be able to show you all the action.
   So here is what some real tandoor baked naan turned out like on my first attempt using  the Homdoor Tandoor oven!

Brushed with a bit of melted ghee, it was a delight!!

So, stay tuned...more naan to come.
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