Thursday, November 15, 2018

Farewell to Patsy


   I've been away from this blog for a bit as we've been dealing with some loss in the family. Our lovely Siberian Husky Patsy died at the age of 14. Patsy was with us through the death of my younger sister, my parents, and another tangle with cancer and chemo for me.  Everyone in the neighborhood knew and loved her. She was a good doggo and her loss leaves a big collar to be filled.

We're recovering and are in the process of adopting another Siberian Husky. Because of the popularity of Game of Thrones, it turned  out that a LOT of people got Siberian Husky puppies  (Hey, Jon Snow)

Once these would-be DireWolves/dogs grew up,  inexperienced Husky owners didn't know how to deal with the breed (they're very tricksey) and many of them have landed in shelters and rescue groups. There are plenty of grown up Huskies out there looking for people who are willing to learn and understand them. Just sayin'. Check your local shelters.

  Knowing now  that another husky is coming to us I'm back in the mood to cook again and write about it. That said, it's the time of year again for company, parties, and family feasting. Thanksgiving is next week, and then the celebratory madness that leads to the end of the year. Still trying to feel it here.
   I was trying to figure out what to share, since the weather has turned cold yet. We're huddled indoors as a result of the smoke from The Camp Fire which is 180  miles away from us. Tell that to the BAAQMD which pegs us today at 171... not good, not good at all. My cousin is an MD in Paradise and the hospital burned down as did her medical offices. The folks up there need any help that can be given, so if you can help at all, THIS is where to get more info. I'm going to  be back in a day or so with a bunch of recipes that are some of our favorites for this time of year.

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