Saturday, July 25, 2015

Let's Have a Chaat, and Some Restaurantware To Show It Off!

   We do a lot of entertaining around here on the weekends and I'm always looking for interesting and easy ways to present Indian snacks, so when the people at Restaurantware asked me if I'd like to try out some of their eco friendly tableware of course I jumped at the chance. They sent me an assortment of sustainable bamboo pieces perfect for partying.

   One thing I always like to serve my guests at parties or as a snack before a big Indian feast is some sort of chaat. Chaats come in many varieties with an assortment of ingredients and spices and fit in perfectly with any kind of party planning whether you are serving Indian food or not. They're also my go to snack for Laker games, NBA finals, and of course the San Francisco Giants.

   I have a very simple easy to whip up chaat recipe that I've made for years the recipe is right here and it's also naturally gluten free since this particular one is made with rice. I found that scooping the chaat into these perfect bamboo cones was a great way to serve it, and adds a festive touch. If you're planning an event I highly recommend this nifty little servers. Restaurantware also carries a variety of other materials and designs so you'll be seeing them around here from time to time. I'm really glad they gave me the opportunity to try out their products.

   Coming up next I'm on the jam..or rather the chutney since everything is in season around here right now.  Apricot chutney is on the menu next, and this is a recipe one doesn't even need fresh apricots to make. I happen to have tyons of them, but dried will work just as well. Follow along on Twitter @kathygori

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