Thursday, April 23, 2015

Where I've Been, Chemo's Done.

   It's been a long 12 weeks but finally I've finished my course of Taxol. This last week, feeling the full effects of twelve weeks of chemo, has really kicked my ass and I've spent the bulk of the week in bed. Now, it goes into the rear view mirror, and every day away from this last round of chemo brings a bit more improvement and puts me closer to normal.... or as normal as I ever get.

   I haven't been cooking in the last week or so, as I haven't had the energy, but today I feel like getting back into the kitchen. I've got some baby artichokes I'm itching to transform into a vegetarian version of Chicken 65. So, look for a bit of Indian-Italian fusion coming up.

   I want to thank everybody for all the good wishes and support over the last 12 weeks. Thanks to Alan's skill with cold capping, I've finished chemo with hair down to my shoulders. I'll be continuing to get Herceptin which is a targeted biologic designed to turn off the receptors in my wonky gene once a month, for the rest of the year but thankfully it's not chemo. So, onward and upward, it's good to be in front of the stove again, and back to writing.

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