Thursday, August 14, 2014

Desert Island Living. It's Baby Steps To Food.


I haven't been cooking for the last couple of weeks. I happened to get a very bad case of food poisoning that sent me to the hospital and even now that I have a clean bill of health, I'm taking my doctors advice and eating simply and cleanly. He advised me to introduce new foods slowly and after a couple of weeks living on coconut water, bananas, oatmeal, and simple baked potatoes, I feel as if I have been living the last few weeks on a desert island.
Also, in the middle of all these intestinal fun and games, we moved into the new house we bought. I now have the amazing kitchen we planned so carefully, except I'm not cooking anything in it!! I also am in a sea of boxes, and have no idea where most of my equipment is, as every box has either GLASS!! or CLAY!! scrawled all over it. As I muddle around my mess of cardboard, I have managed to locate several simple things that I've managed to transport from my borrowed kitchen to the new house. In fact I found enough things to make myself a simple treat. Horchata, and not just regular horchata which is delicious enough, but horchata with Indian spices. It has all the things that a recovering stomach could desire, water, rice, spices.
So a few minutes ago, I started horchata prep. It'll be done tomorrow and I'll be breaking out of my coconut, banana diet. I feel as though I've just been rescued.

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