Monday, October 7, 2013

Where I've Been...

   Los Angeles for one is where we've been. Last week on a business trip we ate our way across LA and beyond. That is what I wanted to be writing about right here, right now. However, last evening my father, Al Gori, fell and broke his hip. Unfortunately it's not uncommon for someone of his age. Fortunately, the doctor says he's fixable. Of course there are many asterisks and more fine print in that than one of those "available only on the TeeVee" offers.

   He has several other conditions that have cropped up and "fixable" has a broad spread of meaning. Define "fixable" that's a tough one. For now he's flying high on more drugs than Walter White had in Gus Fring's secret Los Pollo Hermaños sub-basement secret meth lab. He'll most likely be operated on tomorrow evening and things should settle down a bit after that. I have a lot of delicious Indian food and some other interesting treats to share. The kitchen is always my best therapy spot and I hope to be back there in a day or so.



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