Thursday, August 1, 2013

Make your Own Castello Moments and Win a Cheese Tasting


 Disclosure notice: I was provided with free product by Castello cheese for the purpose of writing this post.  All opinions stated within are my own.

   As you know I threw a party/ tasting courtesy of Castello Cheese a few weeks ago. I do love cheese and really enjoyed playing outside my usual comfort zone of cooking. I created a Hirten Cheese Ice Cream with a Stout Caramel Sauce and made my very first ever Mac and Cheese made with a blend of Castillo Classic and Castello Weissbier cheese.

All of this took place at what I like to call CheeseFest 2013

But while I was having my party, other people were having their own Castello Moments and they came up with a whole bunch of great looking recipes and wonderful ideas about how to enjoy Castello Cheese.
From Lemon-Sugar  a great recipe for classic  Potato Gratin

A Edible Mosaic paired cheese with crackers and then used the cheese to make some Savory Cheese Crackers

Girlichef walks us through a Cheese Pairing course by course

The Village Cook did a Spinach and Cheese Bake

TasteFood has a  Recipe and course for each of the cheeses

Foodie Fiasco sets the gratin on the low carb route with Healthy Cauliflower au Gratin

Fun and Food Cafe made sweet Cheese Cookies with Jam Centers

Itsy Bitsy Foodies made a Three Cheese Flatbread with Figs

The Daring Gourmet took German Potato Salad  on a picnic.

My Humble Kitchen cooked up a Homemade Radish Top Pesto with Hirten Cheese

The Roasted Root showed us how to do an elegant Cheese and Wine Pairing

Shared Appetite gives us Four Creative Crostinis

30AEats whipped up Poached Salmon over Hirten Cheese Grits.

along with Gluf Coast Shrimp Tacos With Classic Castello, and Roasted Tomato Crostini with Weissbier Cheese

Cooking With Books showed us Cheese Platter Perfection

Anecdotes and Apples created a Lemon Artichoke Pesto with Hirten Cheese

Camille blended chives, chilies and cheese into a Souffle

Rinku, of Cooking in Westchester  moved German cheese south of the border with Broccolli, Red Onion and Cheese Quesadillas

From Brazil to You gives us Paignets a cross between Panini and Beignets

Homemade Delish gives us a recipe for Triple Alps Cheese Souffle

Fritos and Foie Gras gives us a slice of Alpine Pizza

The B*Critic  has A Gooey Affair with Castello Cheese

Blogging Over Thyme shares the secret of making perfect little Cheese Gougeres

29 Calories baked Indian Cheese Dhoklas

Kitchenette had a Beer and Cheese Pairing

From Seaweed and Sassafras a meltingly delicious French Onion Soup

Chef Karolina baked Alpine Cheese and Caramelized Onion Biscuits

Where And What In The World had a Wine Tasting and followed it up with a special Windy City

Toast-Tite Castello Cheese Sandwich but wait there's more....Castello Chicken Couscous
and a Truffle Mac and Cheese

Finally Lizzy Pancakes  wraps it all up with Roasted Garlic, Beer, and Cheese Dip

   As you can see there's been a whole lotta cheese going on, and now's your chance to get in on the action. Here's a chance to win you own private Castello Cheese Tasting.

Win a Private Cheese Tasting in your own home - enter by clicking on the banner below. Castello Moments and this post is a collaboration between the blogger and Arla Foods USA. 

Win Castello Cheese Tasting

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