Thursday, November 29, 2012

Where I'm At

   It's been a wild ride around these parts for the last month. We've been dealing with Fran's sudden hospitalization due to an injury while running... yes, you heard me right the first time. She developed a bleeding ulcer and had a 2 week hospitalization. She nearly bled to death which caused delirium which is now cleared up, but she wound up going from the hospital to skilled nursing as she was unable to walk unassisted.

   We also got news that wasn't good regarding her cancer. We're now in the realm of months. She is taking everything in great spirits. She feels good, is still doing what she wants and the Dr. expects her to stay that way until the end. She is however in residential hospice. Given my dads advanced age, the doctors thought that was best. She has a private room and bath with views of the vineyards and she can sign herself in and out,  sort of like a 50's girl's college dorm. Last night she had my dad in her room and was looking for Vodka so yes, it's totally a dorm vibe.

    Alan and I have been taking care of all of this, running back and forth, settling her in, signing what needs to be signed and helping my dad. Obviously there's been little time for cooking. Or writing. Fran keeps asking me "Am I getting my work done, what am I writing, what am I cooking?" She's interested in my cooking as long as she doesn't have to eat any of it. She shakes her head and says "where did you come from?"

   As to my writing work, we're supposed to be doing a rewrite on a TV pilot and hope to be back at that soon. "Soon" as in as soon as Fran has her phone installed in her room and decides whether or not she likes the place she's staying in. Her problem is she doesn't like being around "old people." I ask her where she'd rather be and the answer is "Vegas." Stupid me for asking. I'm half tempted to buy her a plane ticket and let her do a Nicholas Cage, except she'd probably get arrested for partying down there and then we'd all be in trouble as I'm  technically (legally) responsible for her. And in her case, it wouldn't be 'Leaving Las Vegas' but more like 'Bachelor Party' but with a Shirley MacLaine type, only older, and feistier.

   So that is what's been going on around here. I have been doing some cooking lately, urged by Fran, and I'll be posting some of the results soon. Cooking and writing are what keep me sane, that and all the great notes and wishes you've all sent me. It's good to know that so many others have been on this path and all your thoughts and stories about dealing with this are so very helpful to us. I'm enjoying keeping up with what everyone else is up to and I'm  usually around on Twitter, catch me @kathygori


  1. It is great to see you keeping your sense of humor in such a difficult situation.

  2. Agreed - and Fran is incredible! Asking for vodka...awesome!!! Keep the "spirits" up!

  3. Wow, your mom sounds like an incredible person. All the best and coraggio!

  4. I love posts about your mom, they crack me up, Fran is great! And she runs and drinks vodka too, my kind of lady!

  5. Sending love & sympathy -- I've been following your blog for a long time, sorry to hear this news.



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