Monday, March 19, 2012

A Short Birthday Thank You!

    I'm celebrating a birthday today. Birthdays always weird me out, the whole getting older thing. The passage of time. The bigger job retouching my roots. However, there's the alternative to consider, so bring on the wrinkles!

  I was going to be sharing a recipe for green mango rice but that's been called on a account of cake. I wish I could share a piece of this delicious Princess Cake with all of you who've sent me birthday greetings, but all I can offer is a virtual slice, and a very real Thank You! It's mind boggling to think of all the people I've met since starting this blog, and since every day brings someone's birthday, it's really like being at one big continuing world-wide party. So raise a glass to yourselves and also to two friends who are celebrating James Beard nominations this evening, Paula Wolfert and Suvir Saran. Congrats to you both!

   Coming up next, Green Mango Rice, a great side dish made with unripe fruit. You can't go wrong! 
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  1. Enjoy ur day,,,cake looks so good,..

  2. Have a great day Kathy! happy Birthday!
    It indeed looks like a Princess cake :)

  3. I won't lie...I want a REAL slice, but I'll imagine, it looks so good. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  4. My favorite cake! Whenever I'm in town, I eat as much as possible.
    Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday! The cake looks fabulous! I am not a big fan of birthdays but I must say that I find life post 50 is pretty dang good. I find it freeing. I don't care so much about things like age or about other's opinions of me:-) although I am still going to fight wrinkles and "old age".



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