Thursday, July 14, 2011

Got Rice? You've Got Bread, And It's Gluten Free.

This is a tale of Coorgis.
No, not this. These are  Corgis.
Cute Corgis
 Not this. These are Courgettes.
"Classy" Courgettes
Which is actually a five dollar word for zucchini. Yeah. You heard me. It's zucchinis' alias when it's trying to get onto a fancy plate. Busted.
   No, I'm talking Coorgis. Coorgi Roti.
Delicious Coorgi Roti
   Now how did all this Coorgi frenzy come about? It turns out that a friend of mine was recently diagnosed as Gluten Intolerant. I've been doing some cooking for her and it's given me a chance to stretch my non-gluten legs.
   If you've ever made chapatti or tortillas you can make Corgi Roti, however if you are gluten intolerant you are giving gluten-rich flour a wide berth, and so you are not getting any of these things.  Of course one can always purchase gluten-free flours and go that way. I was however, looking for something that didn't need any special ingredients.
   A great deal of Indian food being rice based, is naturally gluten free. Besan (chickpea flour) is also used and makes for delicious breads and cakes. So I thought how about using some of that great gluten-free rice as a bread, and what better bread than Coorgi Roti? These roti get their name because they come from the region known as Kodagu, once known as Coorg which is a principle rice growing area.
   This tasty bread is so easy to make it's almost stupid! If you have rice you can make this bread. If you have ever made pancakes you can make this bread, and yes, even if those pancakes came out of a box mix... yes, you can make this bread. 

Coorgi Roti

Here's how:
 Start with 1 and 1/2 cups of soft cooked rice.
 In a bowl sift together:
   2 cups of rice flour
   1 and 1/2 tsp of salt
 Put the cooked rice and 2 Tbs of water into a food processor or blender.
 Blend for about 2 minutes until it turns to a soft puree.
 Dump the puree into a bowl and mix it with the rice flour and salt mixture.
 Knead it until you have a soft, pliable dough.
 Divide the dough into a bunch of little balls.
 Roll out each little ball into a flat round.
 Heat a griddle or tava.
 When it's hot, brush it with melted butter.
 Slap the flat little roti down on the griddle and when it starts to get a bit brown around the edges, turn it like a pancake.
 Cook it a few minutes longer and you are done.
 Brush each with a bit more melted butter (come on this is a treat)  and serve them up.

  These delightful little roti are great with breakfast, lunch or dinner, or even at midnight in the kitchen in your underwear. Not that I'd ever do that. Really. And they're 100 % gluten free!
  This is one of the easiest recipes that I've ever fixed and there is a huge bonus that comes with it. When you make the rice for this recipe you get not only roti, but you get another completely different delicious dish.Looka what ya get.....
"not only do you get the Sham Wow but also the Slap Chop!"
  I'll be posting that recipe next so stay tuned, no shipping or handling charges involved.
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  1. Haha what a great post, I LOVE corgis!! :) Your bread looks delicious as well!

  2. i love the kneading part hahaha no seriously these breads looks yuummmmyyyy and delicious

  3. So good to know...and those corgis are adorable!

  4. ummm thanks for the recipe,i gonna try this soon



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