Monday, April 4, 2011

Where I've Been. Jury Duty..Film Festival Jury Duty That Is...

    It's been an interesting couple of days around here. I woke up yesterday to find my Wi-Fi down around my ankles and  myself unable to do much of anything online. Also Alan and I are going to be doing jury duty starting this week; Sonoma International Film Festival jury duty that is. Susan Sarandon is the special guest this year. She'll be getting a well deserved Lifetime Achievement Award.
   So this week is going to be a whirlwind of screenings and parties and gala events. Alan will be bringing along his camera and I hope to get some great pictures and stories and food experiences to share with everybody. The movies we're showing will be great and the food and wine should be equally great pairings since we're here in the heart of California Wine Country. If you're anywhere near the Bay Area and have some free time, drop by. I'm dusting off my stilettos and breaking out the silver lame. It should be some party up here this week.
  Meanwhile, I'll be sharing a great quick, easy and above all healthy samosa recipe sometime tomorrow. Follow along on Twitter @kathygori 


  1. such a rough life you lead! make sure to get all the dust off the stilettos- you'll have more fun.

  2. @saltyseattle,
    Haha, yes, will do! I've got shoes I rarely get a chance to wear. Mainly it's planning what to wear with what and not indulging too much

  3. So much excitement here... what a gorgeous woman she is as well.. have a ball this sounds like a cinderella story...



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