Monday, April 18, 2011

It's A Book, It's A Video, It's A Vook!

   I love being asked to try new stuff, who doesn't? I'm extremely geeky and anything new fascinates me, so when I got an email last week asking me if I'd like to road-test a Vook, I said "Hell yes!" The next question was "Uh.... what's a Vook?" Turns out a Vook is a cross between a book and a video, a downloadable app for your phone or iPad that not only gives you recipes but will allow you to watch an actual chef, in this case Ali Loukzada the chef at Buddakan in New York City as he demonstrates and explains some of the techniques and recipes he uses.

  How did I get this Vook? The Vook folks sent me a code so that I could download Vegetarian Indian Cooking from iTunes to my iPad and check it all out. Boom! Instantly I was in Harry Potter land where I was reading and a chef was talking to me and cooking and wow, why can't all the magazines I read be like this?!
  So exactly what do you get when you get a Vook? What does a Vook cost? The Vook I was given costs $6.99 to download. And what do you get  for your $6.99? In this case 9 chapters, each one containing one recipe, information about the recipe and a short video explanation from the chef.
  The recipes are all vegetarian, simple and easy to follow. For someone who wants to try Indian cooking for the first time but doesn't want to invest in the cost of a cookbook, this might be just the ticket... or download for you. It's sort of Indian cooking with training wheels, good basic beginner  recipes. From here if you like what you're cooking and eating, you can go on to more complicated dishes and move out into the broader world of Indian Cuisine. Would I try another Vook? If the price is right and the subject interests me, you bet.

    So, talking books aside... Thanks to Jose from  Sears, after a week without one I finally have a working stove. He's coming back next week to replace some switches, but he got 'er working and just in time.
One of my best friends and favorite old cooking buddy is coming from LA for a visit. He arrives tomorrow. The two of us have managed to get into all sorts of trouble in the kitchen over the years, so it should be interesting (don't ask about the pupusas). We'll be checking out some new eating spots and cooking some new stuff as I take the stove on a post-servicing maiden run. Follow along on Twitter @kathygori

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  1. This Vook sounds interesting! A video sure beats a book, especially if its about cooking.
    Kathy, I tried the Vadai again last weekend with very slight came out so well that I would like to do a post on it, this week, with due credits to you of-course.

    P.S: The pizza post was getting delayed due to my fear of yeast which I am slowly overcoming..



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