Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanks POM Wonderful!! I'm a 1st Runner Up.

     Thanks to the POM Wonderful folks for naming The Colors of Indian Cookings' My Great Big Wonderful POM Party  as one of the runner up winners in their POM Wonderful Dinner Party Contest.
   My congratulations to the other winners for their stunning entries. I'm totally stoked about my $250.00 gift card from Williams-Sonoma. Whee, it's POM time!


  1. Well done. I would expect that you and your lucky guests for the tasty victuals prepared as your competitive entry on that memorable evening must have enjoyed something transcendantly POM Wonderful. Please come to Thiruvananthapuram and prepare something equally superlative at the earliest!
    And please use your proven miraculous powers to dispel the unseasonably steady rain and accompanying gloom here. Please excuse me now, as I will prepare a chocolate biscotti according to your recipe to accompany some piping hot Nilgiri coffee on this cool rainy day.

    Your fan in(where else?) Thiruvananthapuram

  2. @anonymous,
    thanks, for your kind remarks.

  3. Beautiful POMmy picture! I am so happy that you get to go shopping but you have to tell me what you pick!

  4. Well deserved! Congratulations Kathy.

  5. very nice job Kathy so happy and excited for you, your very hard work paid off and finally well deserved winner at that! yeah !!!! I am doing an Indian Dance!



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