Friday, December 17, 2010

Rutabaga Bail Out and a Cup O' Yule Log in 2.5 Minutes

  Okay, so what do those two things have to do with each other? Not much really except that I had a major root vegetable disaster on my hands this morning. Here I was all bragging about my wonderful 99 cent a pound trove of root vegetables from the farmers market.  So I decided I'd cook the rutabagas today.  Now rutabagas are not eaten in India but did I let that stop me?? No way. I was looking for a new and different twist on one of my favorite vegetables. So I petitioned Lord Google and found my way to a recipe that I wish I'd never run across. A lot of times, if a group of people don't cook a certain thing, there may be a good reason, like it might suck... big time. Which is what happened to my rutabaga dish.
  Oh, it started out real promising. I chopped the peeled rutabagas and marinated them in yogurt for about 20 minutes.
 Then I heated a couple of Tbs of oil in my kadhai and tossed in
 1 tsp of cumin seed
 1 tsp of mustard seed
When they started to sizzle and pop, I added in... ya know... who cares what I added in? It was awful, a culinary nightmare that went directly to the garbage... do not pass go... do not collect 100 dollars.
   In order to make things up, I felt I'd better make something tasty and weird and do it double fast.
I had it. Microwave cupcakes!!! Yes, that would be the ticket that would buy me redemption.
Chocolaty, lovely and fast fast fast!
   Also I'd had these muffcake things in my head courtesy of Salty Seattle and I just had to do it. Call it a moment of weakness. I had no idea there were soooooo many recipes for this stuff out there, almost as many as Better Than Sex Cake, so I grabbed one and it was game-on for a creative whacked out dessert.
  I'd planned on brewing up a nice cup of espresso but I was out of beans... yeah, well it happens. So this would be just plain old micro cupcakes.
  Here's what's in them.
 3 Tbs of cake flour
 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
 1/4 tsp of baking powder
 2 Tbs sugar
 2 Tbs unsweetened cocoa powder. ( I used Valhrona which is sort of like hitch-hiking in Manolos, but whatever)
 1 egg
 2 Tbs vegetable oil
 2 Tbs milk
   Mix all of this together.
Pour it into a microwavable mug
   And stick the mug in the microwave for 2.30 minutes.
  I watched through the window as it grew and grew and stood up in the cup resembling well.......
    A polite word would be a Busche de Noel.  Maybe?
   So there it is a simple instant yule log, wholesome fun for the whole family and rutabaga redemption for me.


  1. Ok, you had me laughing and laughing and laughing over the picture of you with your sad face. I SWEAR we could be related because you looked like ME with that face over a disaster. God I love you!

  2. That yule log looks a cup! Your face is precious.

  3. @janis, yeah that's amake up free hairbrush free me.

  4. Belinda@zomppa,
    ha! Yeah a yule log was the last thing I expected

  5. hilarious. Well done writing about the occasional disaster among your multiple successes!

  6. Well done!I wish I would have had the microwave chocolate blob recipe a few days ago when I threw away a whole tray of chestnut-flower hazelnut cookies!

  7. What a hoot! Thanks, and I thought it could only be me that looked like that when I cook! Have a great day.

  8. I'm with Janis, this post is hilarious. And yes, that looks remarkably like a, yule log. Yep.



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