Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

   All around the US of A today, people are cooking. The same thing is going on at our house. I'm doing a Tuscan style pork loin in a mustard crust roasted on a bed of fresh herb branches, polenta in clay with a porcini mushroom ragout, green beans and pearl onions sauteed with my own home cured bacon, a pear and arugula salad with shaved Parmesan cheese, those biscuits, Muhummara and flatbread and a Beehive Cake for dessert. 
   Many people like to cook and eat and watch football today. At our house it's a little bit different.
 Today is the National Dog Show direct from Philadelphia.
Patsy has been glued to the TV all morning. After all She is a former show dog... Best Bitch at the Phoenix Dog Show 2006....Best Bitch at the Rogue River Valley Dog Show 2006. 
Here is Patsy "standing pretty" with her handler... (this was before we knew her) back in the day. Here's Patsy now as she awaits Thanksgiving dinner.
 Even though the glory days are behind her and she only sometimes "stands pretty," she has a lot to be thankful for today... and so do we.


  1. You have a georgous dog Kathi! My MIL used to save discarded showdogs, it's such a nice thing to do. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. @Katja,
    we really love Patsy, she's our second husky...the first was a rescue. Patsy wasn't discarded though, her people really loved her and actually did us a favor after we lost our 13 year old Siberian Sula by letting us adopt Patsy. We'd been looking for another rescue female Sibe for 6 months to no avail and the rescue people turned us on to Patsys'family. We got her when she was a year and a half old..she'll be 6 in another week..they came and inspected us and our house then let us adopt her..we love her dearly and she is a true princess (when she's not eating my shoes) as you can see.

  3. They are so beautiful!! Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Great post Kathi. Patsy looks so beautiful and peaceful. What a great way to enjoy your Thanksgiving.

    Happy Holiday!

  5. Dog stories on Turkey Day! Our little Jack Russell Pete enjoyed his holiday weekend with us this year. We actually left him home for dinner as we were joining folks with a new puppy. Pete and puppies are so good of friends! Fri/Sat/Sun he got time on the couch with both of us.


  6. She may not stand pretty all the time, but she's definitely beautiful. Wow, what a gorgeous dog. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!



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