Sunday, October 10, 2010

This is Your Food Blog, This Is Your Food Blog On Drugs; aka Where I've Been.

Alternating between ice bag and heating pad while Patsy keeps me company
   For any one of you who've gotten any weird twitters and tweets from me in the last couple of days... let me explain.
  Friday morning I had surgery. It involved 2 dental implants and two bone grafts. All of this is patching up some bone loss that happened as a result of chemo that I had 20 years ago. I would almost rather do anything than go to the dentist, however the lure of being big time knocked out, good drugs during recovery plus unlimited ice cream, was a powerful "gotcha" for me.
  I did not know it would hurt like hell. Wanting to tough it out (crazy me) I chose a milder pain killer than I should have which gave me  just enough relief to do a re-design of my website and the ability to send several "awkward" tweets and an email that had a dilly of a mistake that spell check didn't catch. Oooops! Sorry Bite Me New England, you know that's not the word I meant.
  I also came out of the anesthesia to find out that I didn't make it to Round #4 of PFB. Of course I was disappointed, but still flying waaaaaaaay over the radar too much to care. I'd been cooking all week before the surgery to make sure there would be food in the house for Alan since I cannot eat "real food"for about 2 weeks. Actually the way I've been feeling, which is a combination of Drugstore Cowboy meets Julie and Julia with a dash of Lenny Bruce, it's probably a good thing since my main challenge right now is getting my shoes off and on. I am totally beyond cooking anything right now. I am also writing sentences that are as long as Henry James if you haven't noticed. Not a great thing.
  I wish all good luck to the remaining competitors and of course will be voting and will be posting in the next day or so a killer make-ahead recipe that is perfect for feeding your family if you're planning on having surgery... or just feel too tired to cook and want to stick some stuff in the freezer "for later."
   Thanks to Janis, and Linda of Salty Seattle and Rachael of La Fuji Mama for all their good wishes and support. As soon as I can put my big girl pants back on and am sure I'm not typing dirty, I'm going ninja!


  1. Omg you don't look too happy.... Rest up and get well soon!

  2. @Frank,
    thanks..I am pretty miserable

  3. Poor Kathy. I hope you at least get to watch bad TV.

  4. @Janis,
    good TV HBO and Dexter..East Bound and Down

  5. @Belinda..last night was pure hell the pain was so bad. I wound up sitting up in the living room watching old Sandra Bullock movies and eating Activia. This morning finally started the stronger painkiller and boom, pain is gone.

  6. Have a quick recovery!

    I can't believe that you didn't make it to the next level of PFB. I wonder if a collection of meal milkshakes would've been an interesting challenge?

  7. Well you just talked me out of doing dental implants, after reading this and my fear of dentists holy crap NO! I feel the pain as I type...Feel so bad for you. I have to wake up four hours before going to the dentist just to talk myself into going for a cleaning! Geesh, this looks bad. So So sorry, hope you feel better soon.....thanks for giving us an update was hoping for better news :( feel better!~

  8. oh no! sorry to hear you had to have major work at the dentist. :( i hope you get to feeling better soon. it looks like Patsy is helping take good care of you though. take care!

  9. @pegasuslegend,
    the dental implants are not bad..I've had them before with no's the bone graft that is kicking my butt. Dental implants good..bone grafts..not so good

  10. You poor thing, that must be awfully painful. I thought I had it bad with the flu! Hope you feel better soon!



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