Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mention My Name In Sonoma...Get A Gift!

We were wandering around town yesterday now that the weather has finally turned nice. Scratch nice, it's freakin' beautiful out here!
 Since I have become obsessed with 4square I am in a competition with my friend Chip Roberson as to who can rack up the most mayorships in this small town.
 I was ousted as the mayor of Friedmans' Hardware last week, and was complaining to Heidi the owner of Tiddle E. Winks  ( I am the Mayor of Tiddle E Winks!) the local candy store on the plaza.
Heidi the owner (Alan's Chuckles Dealer) suggested I offer the readers of my blog a little gift to kick off the Summer.

 Heidi is hosting Millie The Mannequin this holiday weekend. Millie is decorated with cute little charms that can be worn on chains, etc. Heidi said that since I'm the Mayor of Tiddle E Winks if any of my readers come in this weekend and say "the Mayor sent me!" she'll give you  a free necklace with purchase of any charm.
So if you're in the Sonoma area this weekend, drop by and say "hi!" to Heidi.
 Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, I'm cooking up a storm. I've been working since yesterday . Paula Wolfert is coming to dinner tonight and I am doing a Lamb Biryani in clay along with some other assorted goodies. Since everything I'm doing is slow cooked in clay it takes a little more time, but is so worth it.
 I'll be posting later about the menu, including a great and entertaining little side dish that's practically a show in itself.
 Have a great weekend!


  1. I won't be there but it sure sounds like fun!
    Love Sonoma!

  2. That's such a sweet idea, wish I was there! Can't wait to see your goodies.



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