Friday, January 1, 2010

Sluggish With Goat Meat!! Plus We Get To The Bottom Of the Power Outtage.

We finally got to the bottom of what knocked out the power the other night. A curious squirrel who alas is no longer with us went exploring the power grid. How did we find out? The front page of our local paper. This is what passes for news here in Sonoma. Brunswick stew anyone??
Meanwhile I am still cleaning up after the evenings revels. My Lo-vah is helping me. We are both rather sluggish with goat meat as the feast ended close to 2 a.m. Perhaps next year we will be renting a small cripsona on Hydra, who knows? But since my husband is a Capricorn, goat seemed to be a fitting way to celebrate his birthday. So as the dishwasher merrily hums away, (grinds is more like it) and my Indian dinnerware Thalis sit waiting to be hand washed, we shall take the wolf (who was very well behaved last night btw)

for a "lovers' walk" to try and move some of this biryani off of my hips. I couldn't resist posting the following fabulous tribute to goat meat. There is likely a short ad at the beginning but if you've never seen it, stick around as it's so worth it.

There will be goat posts following. As for the present, here are some photos of the goat on its' way to perfection.

I found myself in the awkward position of a cross between a butcher and a chiropractor as I worked with the haunch.

Here I am wearing butchering gloves, which I finally purchased about a year ago after cutting myself to pieces numerous times. Rare in cooking should not include the chefs' hands.

There were many dishes prepared and served and a full accounting is going to be posted..most likely tomorrow, as right now I can do no more than groan and pat my belly. Happy New Year to you all!


  1. Kathy,
    I love your writing style! That squirrel looks like hes gone through an electric shock! A very happy new year to you and Alan and the well behaved dog!

  2. You live in very nice country...




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