Monday, January 11, 2010

If It Ain't Broke, It Doesn't Mean You Can't Make It Better! Avatar Vs Rice Pudding


There is an experiment going on in my oven right now. It concerns my 5 hour Indian rice pudding. The same pudding that made it into Paula Wolferts  new book Mediterranean Clay Pot Cooking. It also concerns Bram Cookware one of my favorite stores in all of Sonoma.  It's where I got my Bram for making Biryani, and a number of other items. Ash, the owner and I were talking rice pudding (it's that kind of store) and he asked me if I ever added milk at the end of the cooking process. I said that I never had and he proceeded to tell me how they made the same rice pudding in Egypt, but added that extra milk at the end which gave the whole thing a custardy, pot de creme quality. Firm yet jiggly. Sounds all good to me. He gave me a couple of small clay ramekins for individual servings and sent me home to try it.
 Well, I'm trying it now. As I type this, there is a 5 hour pudding in the oven and I am going to try this custardy jiggly thing on for size.
  I am not going to see Avatar this afternoon so that I can do this. That is how devoted to rice pudding I am. I'm going to see Avatar tomorrow instead.


  1. I want rice pudding. I would pick rice pudding over Avatar any day!

  2. Well not that its a hard decision, but Avatar right now is my all time favorite movie after ET! But seeing that I love the thought of eating that 5 hour creamy delicous rice famous pudding I have a problem so as you were cooking it I would be watching the movie and coming back for dessert!!! happy will enjoy the movie, it makes you fall in love with the blue people. GReat post love your idea to use the movie...its awesome!

  3. Rice pudding....Avatar.....rice pudding....Avatar.... I would pick the rice pudding any day!

  4. My vote is for rice pudding :) Avatar can be seen any other day right! ;)



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