Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sweet and Spicy Barbecue Pineapple

Pineapples were on sale this week, there they sat in a pile on a wooden table at the Sonoma Market and the locovore in me crumbled and collapsed. Most of the time I can whip up any Indian dish I want all with things grown within a few miles of my house. I enjoy working with the local meats and produce but who could resist the lovely greenish gold color, the spiky top and the fragrance? I was in. I took my pineapple home with every intention of making a sambal and then one thing led to another and somehow the sambal never got made and the pineapple remained decoratively perched on my counter.
Then, in the frenzy of fixing lunch the other day I noticed my pineapple. I'd see barbecued fruit used as Indian desserts before, so why not a side dish, and why not my pineapple?
So I cut the pineapple and threaded it on skewers.

I mixed about 1/4 cup of jaggery, (brown sugar would also work well)
Mixed it with about 3 Tbs. of unsalted butter and yes, yes, I nuked it. I was in a hurry and it only took about 30 seconds or so.
When it was nice and liquid I added a pinch of Kashmiri chili powder. and brushed it on my skewered pineapple.

Alan took the skewers and placed them on the grill for a few moments until they had a few nice grill tracks on them. I slid them off and placed them on the plate next to my Indian spiced chicken and cabbage with moong dal.

Lunch in half an hour!
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  1. I love the intense sweetness and flavor of grilled fruit. What an awesome treat - a little taste of the tropics to fight the winter cold. Well done :)

  2. yea! totally LOVE this easy idea. Yum!

  3. A delicious combo of flavors! Pineapples and spices are a winner :)



  4. @gera, yes sweet and hot, can't be beat.

  5. I have never tried BBQ pineapples. Looks fun for BBQ and delicious...sweet, buttery flavour and spicy. I have to try that next summer.

  6. Your lunches are better than most people's dinners!

  7. Love jaggery and pineapple. Would love this.

    And best of all? Leftover pineapple can go into a pina colada!

  8. I love pineapple, could eat it every day. But I never cook it. Great idea!

  9. @ tasy trix,
    it's because we don't eat dinner, except when entertaining friends. we do the Euro thing of bread and coffee in the morning..a large main meal at lunch, and then a very light early supper of fruit, cheese, nuts etc

  10. This is yummy! A great BBQ dish and I love it drizzled with honey.

  11. Thanks for the great recipe, I usually grill pinapple when making a teriyaki dish.



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