Friday, August 28, 2009

The Cure For Earthquake Weather

That's what my grandma called it, it's what my mom called it and it's creeping me out. ...big time. It's hot out, there is not a breath of air stirring. The deer are coming down from the hill looking for something to eat or drink and there's a new squirrel I haven't met before. His ears are too big and he's giving me the hairy eyeball. I can't explain it but I feel about him the way I usually feel about clowns.
It's hot out there, 7 pm and still close to 100 degrees. I'm working and I need something cool,and frosty. I can't stop thinking about that organic green tea/watermelon juice Arnold Palmer type thingy I had this week at the brilliant Umami Burger in LA.
So, ok. I tore the city apart looking for sweet basil seeds to put in my drink. These seeds are used in Ayervedic medicine and have many healing properties. That's a bonus for me because I loved the fact that they looked like little tadpoles swimming around in my drink. I had to have them. My work meeting was sandwiched between a search for sweet basil seeds and corn smut in every corner of LA. I lived in that city for years and I was positive I'd find both items. No. Such. Luck.
Maybe I should have gone to Monterey Park, but I didn't now I'm going to have to send away for a packet of sweet basil seeds and the postage is gonna cost me more than what I'm buying. I hate when that happens. As for the corn smut, forget it. I'm not buying a can of that unless I can eyeball it. So, the search goes on.
But meanwhile, back to this frosty cool drink. Here's how it went down.

I happened to have a seedless watermelon in the fridge, and of course powdered Japanese green tea. So I made about three glasses of the iced tea. Tossed a hunk of watermelon in the blender with a dash of water to bring it to the proper consistency...mixed them up in a tall pitcher and voila! Instant Umami..almost...or at least it'll have to do until I go to LA again or they open a Umami Burger in Sonoma.If I'd had those seeds I'd have popped them in at the last minute...but I didn't.
So, now I'm ready for whatever the weather brings, I've fastened my seat belt and I'm in for a frosty evening.
As I'm thinking here, this would most likely work with any sort of melon you might have lying around the house. Just sayin'.

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