Saturday, June 4, 2016

Here Comes Summer! Meat or Veg? Get Your Spice On With New Rubs and Flavors From The Chaunk.

   A few months ago we introduced our Indian Cooking Spice Kit The Chaunk. The Chaunk enables anyone to cook tasty Indian food easily using authentic spices and recipes. Now that the warm weather is here, we wanted to share with you an even easier way to add a hit of Indian spice to the Summer Kitchen, The Chaunk Rubs and Flavors. I've been using these blends in my own cooking for years, rubbing them on meats and fish, sprinkling them into vegetables and beans.

The Kashmiri BBQ Rub is great on ribs.  Rub it in and start grilling. Add 2 Tbs of it to apple cider vinegar and water and heat it up for a delicious mop sauce. It's equally good on chicken.

I also cooked some rainbow carrots then finished them off in a pan with a bit of butter and Kashmiri BBQ rub. It's  terrific rubbed on grilled corn with a squeeze of lime.

The Bengali 5 Spice Mix makes any vegetables shine. Add it to pan roast potatoes, or eggplant.

The Triple C Grill Rub an be added to dals, chicken, and beans. Whatever needs a hint of mild flavor.

We are also excited to be introducing The Chaunk Newsletter. Join us and you will receive great seasonal recipes not appearing on the blog, advance notice of new products, and special sales and  giveaways being offered exclusively to Newsletter subscribers. And it's free! So if you'd like to be included, you can sign up here:

Coming up next, fast and easy Indian recipes to spice up your Summer entertaining. Follow along on Twitter @kathygori


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