Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Another Quick Summer Recipe, Mango Mint Ice Cream, No Machine Necessary.

   Last week we had a crazy heat wave here in Sonoma. Temperatures were about 100 degrees for the better part of a week and I was looking for something to whip up that would be fast, easy, and cool. Also, I needed it to be makeable with stuff I could find in my wonderland of identically marked "Fragile" boxes. Yeah, we're still living out of boxes while we work on the new house, and I'm still cooking out of my friend's kitchen.
   The good news is the new cabinets will be finished in mid June, we've found the stone for the counter tops and I now know almost everything about LED lighting.Yes, lighting. Talking to friends, it seems everyone we know has a house that is in some various stage of transition lighting from incandescent, to CFL, to LED, or a mix of all three. Since our new house has all old style incandescent lighting we decided to jump with both feet into the wonderful modern world of LEDs. I spent the last week and one half reading everything I could about CRI, kelvins, dimming without buzzing, and Edison bases as opposed to GU24 bases. I also learned why some lights have to be IC rated and others do not. It's not exactly cheap being green, but at least we're likely not going to have to buy/replace light bulbs for 22 years or so.
   I thought in the midst of all this crash course in electronics I'd mix up some sort of cool frothy mango lassi slushy, just the sort of recipe I could mix up and share easily, provided I could find one of my two blenders. Of course I couldn't. I have no idea where they are, but I do know they're somewhere. I remember packing them in a box marked "Fragile". Since I couldn't find a blender I decided my slushy would become an ice cream. Of course the other issue was finding the ice cream machine, which of course I couldn't find. Back to square one and all of a sudden I was making ice cream , I located mine a week or so ago. I was in business.
   This ice cream whips up (literally) in just about 4 hours. Use the sweetest mangoes you can find, and a handful of fresh mint and you're in business. Set it up in the morning or early afternoon, and enjoy it that night. It's that easy.

Mango Mint Ice Cream

Here's What You Need:
2 fresh mangoes cut into cubes
1 and 1/2 cup plain yogurt
1 Tbs fresh mint leaves chopped
4 Tbs sugar
8 ice cubes

Here's What To Do: 
 Cut the mangoes into cubes.

Put the cubes into the food processor.
Add in the plain yogurt...

...and the ice cubes.

Finally, add in the sugar.

Grind everything up into a puree.
Pour the puree into a shallow freezer safe pan.

Pop the whole thing into the freezer and let it sit for about 4 hours or so.
Scoop it out and plop it into the food processor .

 Grind it up until it turns to ice cream.

Place it in serving dishes and you're good to go.

So there you have it, fast with a minimum of ingredients and effort. Anyone can make this, all you need is a food processor or blender and you've got ice cream!
   In the midst of all this, Patsy had a hair follicle issue on her chinny chin chin which required a visit to kindly Dr. Nagra.

A bit of a chin shave, a new fashion accessory and 1 antibiotic later, she's in great shape again. Meanwhile, work continues as does the hunt for my blender. Coming up next, fresh, seasonal and fast from the Sonoma Farmers Market. Follow along on Twitter @kathygori


  1. You know I chuckled through this right? Took weeks for my KitchenAid to appear and I have YET to find my bedding that I love. I recall SO clearly how labeling 'kitchen' seemed enough until you have 20 boxes stacked in your kitchen and you need something!

    My new home was not a custom build so I didn't have the luxury of really picking everything for my kitchen like you are; we could upgrade to pricier items on a LOT of things but still with builder choices. I know they thought I was being conservative and boring but the truth is I went with the default choices on a lot of things so I can put my stamp on them later so I'm having some envy over your shopping excursions but mostly I'm just excited for you that this journey will have you soon settled in a place you love. A place without boxes. :)

  2. I love your blog. Very Inspiring..



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