Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Thanks To Everyone

   Alan and I are extremely grateful for all the messages of support we've gotten over the last weeks and months of Fran's illness. While we will all miss her, it's hard to be sad for someone who is willing, eager, and content to be moving onto the next passage.
   Fran was a wife, a mom, big time golfer and had a whole bunch of I Love Lucy style plans for getting into showbiz. During World War ll  she was part of The American Theatre Wings' USO Troupe aka The Stage Door Canteen. I found the card in her safety deposit box. Fran approached the end of life with practicality, bravery and above all, a sense of humor. While she might not have gotten The Stripper as her recessional, I did manage a eulogy that left them laughing,  just as she'd have wanted.

   My favorite moment was at the luncheon afterward when a tiny bird-like lady wearing a Forty-Niners stocking cap (yeah, at the funeral) came up to me to share her memories.

   "Your mom always said that if I didn't behave myself she'd tell everyone I used to be a stripper!" How can you follow that?

   So we raise a glass of Frans' Go-To drink, her daily Manhattan.

We send her off with what the church organist refused to play, even though the priest (Fran's old pal) gave the okay.



  1. That piece of music has always moved me (srsly). Hearing it this time after reading about Fran my eyes filled up and I never met the woman. Thanks. Mimy

  2. I will happily carry on Frans tradition of a nightly manhattam! ;--)

  3. Hats off to a saucy lovely woman!



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