Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pick a Pack of Pickled Peppers, They're Good For You

    The infographic you see below was sent to me by one of my readers in the UK. She had me at chilies. It seems that chilies just don't bring the heat, they bring a whole lot of benefits too.

  How A Chilli A Day
- Keeps The Doctor Away by 911 Fire Extinguishers

  Having cooked Indian food for so many years, I love the spicy  and since chilies are so good for what ails you I thought it might  be time to pass along this recipe once again that I got from my friend Perna over at  Indian Simmer. It's a fast easy pickled treat, all you need are some Fresno chilies and you're set.

Indian Pickled Peppers

Here's What You Need:

About 45-50 medium sized red chili peppers (I used Fresno peppers)
1 tsp cumin seeds
2 tsp fenugreek seeds
1 tsp Nigella seeds
50 grms fennel seeds
4 Tbs coriander seeds 4 Tbs mustard seeds
4 Tbs Aamchur (dried mango powder)
11 and 1/2 Tbs of Kosher Salt
1 cup of virgin mustard oil.
Clean sterilized jars for canning

Here's What To Do: 

Cut the tops off of 45 or 50 Fresno Peppers.

Set them outside in the sun  for 5 hrs or in a warm 170 degree oven to dry out and wrinkle a bit.
Wash out the jar or jars you will be using for canning the peppers. Let them air dry.
Remove the seeds from the interior. You may want to wear gloves while doing this as these peppers are hot stuff.

When all the peppers are cleaned out, set them aside and prepare the spice filling.

Grind all the spices together in a spice grinder or blender along with 1/2 cup of mustard oil.
Mix everything together until you have a thick paste.
Stuff the paste into the empty chili peppers.

When all the chilies are ready, set them aside.

Place the stuffed peppers into the empty clean dry jars.

  Pour 1/2 cup of mustard oil over and around the chilies in the jar.

Fill the jar.

 Make it airtight.

Rotate the jar every day to move the oil around the peppers. Store the jar in a cool dry place for at least a month before enjoying the peppers.
Easy, fast and hot. Who could ask for more?
   So if you're up to your ears in this Falls pepper harvest, now you know what to do.
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  1. I love these chillies! My mom made something like this when I was a kid. I've never done it, which is odd considering my chilli obsession. Thank you so much for reminding me. Love your recipes.



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