Saturday, August 4, 2012

Mint Parathas, My Recipe For Sanity

   It's no secret there has been a lot of family drama going on at/around my house. My mother's illness which started with surgery a month ago, has now led to some other problems which have put her into the hospital again with fluid in one pleural cavity. She's going to be having surgery again tomorrow, but this last week which started in the emergency room, has turned into a week of camping out at the hospital. There have been all sorts of documents to deal with, family business, powers of attorney, etc. to make sure everything continues along as my parents want. I've had a lot of support from my friends here in Sonoma, in Los Angeles, and all the great people I've met through the world of food writing. Thank God for Skype is all I can say! 
   One thing I've learned so far is what it takes to calm me down and center me. We each have our own thing which brings comfort. For me it's my work, my writing. Even when I was in the middle of my own cancer treatment 22 years ago, I worked. I wrote from bed. Alan and I wrote, we did our work, we laughed, I rested when I had to. I'm sure it helped keep me sane. As soon as I was on my feet, I started cooking Indian food, another thing which has always been my "happy place" as they say.

   Writing and cooking are two things I've not done all week. I have been reading, and eating out and I've really felt the need to get back into the kitchen and my office, because those are the two places that bring me comfort. Hopefully in a few days things will be more defined, plans will be firmed up and things will be re-adjusted back to whatever the "new normal" is for our family. Meanwhile I had to cook again, this time something simple, and what's simpler than bread?

Mint Parathas

Here's What You Need:

2 cups of atta flour or whole wheat pastry flour
1 cup of fresh mint leaves
1 and 1/2 tsp of salt
1 Tbs of vegetable oil plus an additional  8 tsps of vegetable oil
3 Tbs of melted butter or ghee

Here's What To Do:

Wash the mint leaves and blot them dry.
When they're dry, dry roast them in a small pan. I usually use cast iron for any dry roasting of spices or herbs.

When the mint leaves are toasted, let them cool.

Crush them to a powder. I use a spice grinder.
Mix the flour and salt together
Add in the ground up mint.

Add in 1 Tbs of vegetable oil and 3/4 cup of water along with 1 Tbs of water.
Mix the dough together then start kneading.
Knead the dough for about 10 minutes or so until you have a stiff dough.
Put the hot damp towel over the bowl holding the dough and set it aside to rest for about 25 minutes.
Divide the dough into 8  pieces and roll each piece into a ball.
Flatten each ball into about a 6 inch round and brush each round with melted butter.
Sprinkle the flatened ball with a bit of flour and then roll each one back up into a ball again.
Let the re-rolled balls rest for about 5 minutes.
Roll them out into rounds again.
Heat a griddle or tava over a medium heat.
When it's hot place a round on the griddle and cook it.

Brush the surface of each paratha with oil before you flip it to cook the other side.
Brush each paratha with a bit of melted butter when it's finished cooking.
Keep the parathas covered and warm  in the oven, until you're ready to serve them.

   So there they are, parathas, hot warm and comforting. There may be more complicated, expensive ways of getting your brain right, but for now kneading seems to be just what I need, and yes, I know that's is one freaking terrible pun. I hang my head in shame.

  As it turns out Cake Duchess  in doing another Bake With Us Event featuring quick breads with Summer fruit. Right now this sounds really, really, good to me and I'm going to be joining in. Follow along on Twitter @kathygori


  1. I hope everything turns out well for your mom. It's good to know what keeps you grounded and sane during tough moments.

  2. Sending good wishes for your Mom. The parathas look so wonderful!

  3. Sorry to hear about the complications with your mom. Sending good thoughts her way! Glad you found some time to restore a little sanity. These parathas look delicious!,

  4. You are right about the parathas.. they are my comfort food too, great recipe! sorry about your mother.. hope she gets better real soon.

  5. Sending you love from Corte Madera, Kathy!

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