Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Mango The Avocado and The Pom Part 3. The Anti (oxidant) Cocktail

   One thing I've learned living in Wine Country is that not everyone drinks. Or at least not everyone drinks all the time, everywhere. There are events, occasions, and reasons to want something cool,  refreshing, and non-alcoholic. I always welcome a party that offers me something more than the conventional soft drink as an alternative. I drink a lot of water, and as I've mentioned before, I wasn't brought up with the soda habit so any soft drink I'm going to be interested in had better bring the tart and tamp down the sweet. Which brings me to my final quick fix for those hot weather holiday parties. A Pom Anti-Cocktail.

   I might call it the  Anti Cocktail because it's a virgin (blush blush) that is, no alcohol. Or I might call it an Antioxidant Cocktail because pure pomegranate juice is packed with antioxidants. Either way this one hits the spot, and when there are all those random traffic checkpoints on The Fourth of July  weekend, you'll be glad you chose this.

Non Alcoholic Pomegranate Cocktail

Here's What You Need:

A bottle of PomWonderful pure pomegranate juice
1 or 2 Tbs of Kaffir Lime Simple Syrup use one to start with and check for sweetness
Ice cubes
Plain mineral water
Lime wedge (optional)

Here's What To Do:

Pour about 1 inch of pomegranate juice into a tall glass.
Add in the Karffir Lime syrup.
Drop in some ice cubes.
Gently pour in the mineral water.

Top with a lime wedge.
It's kind of cool to serve it this way as I like that blend of colors from dark to clear, but definitely stir it up before you drink it.

   Tall, cool, not too sweet, and it'll definitely keep you out of trouble this holiday weekend.
 Wishing my fellow USA'ers a Happy National Birthday and I hope everybody who's celebrating this week has a great time. I know we will.

   Coming up next , a very fast, gluten free, Indian alternative to the usual pasta or potato salad served at Summer Cookouts. Follow along on Twitter @kathygori


  1. I'm one of those! And definitely loving this!

  2. I do drink from time to time, but simply LOVE this recipe. At Trader Joe's in Indianapolis, I found FRESH poms last week (In June - In the Middle of a Heat Wave!) - We NEVER get them other than at the holidays or late autumn. I'm going to try this for the Fourth!



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