Wednesday, July 25, 2012

5 Minute Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream. Yes 5 Minutes. Plus a Giveaway.

   Lately there have been two things I've been hearing about non stop. One is jeggings, those tight jean legging things. Now, I had them confused with pajama jeans and just said "no no no!" If you haven't heard of pajama jeans, they're usually shown on late night TV along with those dipilatory infomercials where ladies are running feathers along their upper lip to prove how smooth everything is.
   "Pajama jeans where style meets comfort." This intersection is not on any GPS I've ever encountered and I think I'd have a better chance of finding Narnia in my closet. Believe me, if I could find the corner of Style and Comfort, I'd already be living there.

I always equated pajama jeans as the step right before this.

But no, I'm been informed that jeggings are actually quite stylish and all the best jeans designers are featuring them and all the stores are carrying them.

I did a search, and Bloomies has reams of these things, I may just have to pay a visit to San Francisco... or not, since they do remind me of something I burned when the 80's ended. But what goes around comes around again and again and again.

   There is something else out there however that has gone viral. Something that I haven't had/seen /eaten before, and that is 5 Minute Ice Cream.  I know there are 7 Minute Abs, and of course Father Guido Sarducci's 5 Minute University.

   But 5 Minute Ice Cream?? Really? 5 Minutes? It seemed like everyone but me was making it. My friend Farmgirl Gourmet whipped some up, I happened to read her recipe during a very very hot Sonoma day and of course couldn't wait to try it myself. Of course the next day we had a cool spell so I had to wait a week. But finally I whipped some up and it really, truly works. In 5 minutes. I had purchased an OXO cherry pitter  and fresh local cherries were on sale.

Of course this recipe can be made with any frozen fruit but I had that pitter and was dying to use it. 

Five Minute Ice Cream

Here's what You Need:

1 lb of frozen or fresh frozen fruit (I used cherries)
3 to 4 tsps of sugar
6 oz of fresh vanilla yogurt
1/4 cup of chopped dark chocolate

Here's What To Do:

Wash, dry, and pit the fruit if using fresh fruit.

Halve the pitted cherries and put them in a dish in a single layer in the freezer.

Freeze them.
Of course if you are using already frozen fruit, you don't need to do any of this. Thus the 5 minute part.
Put the frozen fruit, yogurt, and sugar into a blender or food processor and pulse until it's soft and creamy.
During the last few pulses add in the bits of chopped chocolate.
That's it. It's done. Serve it up, you've got ice cream baby!

   This will give you about 6 servings of ice cream, and boy is it good and fresh and without that giant sugar rush that most desserts bring. I'm looking forward to trying it with other summer fruits, and I also think I'm going to use plain unsweetened, unflavored yogurt and see how that works. Do I recommend this? Yes!! It's also a lot of fun to let your guests watch their ice cream getting whipped up right before their eyes.
   Now if you'd like to try this but you don't have a cherry pitter, let me offer you this. I was sent a cherry pitter by the OXO people, but since I already have one of my own, I'm going to pass this one along to someone who can put it to god use. Just leave a comment  as to what you'd like to use your pitter for and I'll be choosing a winner via on August 1st. Because of shipping issues, only US residents are eligible. So don't worry about pitting. It just got a whole lot easier. PS: it works on olives too! Tapande season is coming.
   What else is coming? Another cherry treat to ease us from the summer into those fall dishes. Follow along on Twitter @kathygori And finally just because, I'm thinking of  numbers, here's the 1950's classic Sixty Minute Man. Just think how much of this ice cream you could make in all that time even though I don't quite think that's what they're singing about.


  1. I'm just about to start canning cherries for the year and this would be a lifesaver. I can't tell you how many times I nicked my fingers cutting them last year

  2. Jeggings ROCK!! You don't have to give me 1 minute to decide if I want to eat this!

  3. um...I want Pajama Jeans and a cherry pitter...oh, and also the ice cream.

  4. That ice cream looks amazing! After discovering the joys of 1-ingredient (banana) ice cream, this sounds right up my alley, and it's definitely the first thing I'd use a cherry pitter for!

  5. Looks absolutely delicious! I would so love to try some. I love ice cream and I love cherries so I know I would love this!

  6. Look delicious! Found this recipe on PunchFork and just as I was wondering how I would pit the cherries, you have a giveaway! I would use it for this recipe obviously but also for smoothies. I love cherries but can't be bothered to pit them but with this I could! I also love that you can use it for olives so I'm sure I would find it useful there too. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

    1. I have this old paring knife that the dog actually got hold of once and chewed up the handle, but it's one of my favorite kitchen tools. I was using that to pit cherries before I bought the OXO

  7. Wow lovely recipe and a lovely space :) Loved that pitter but unfortunately I won't be winning it coz' am not in US :( Anyways am happy to find your space and follow you :)
    You Too Can Cook Indian Food Recipes

    1. thanks so much! I visited your site, it's wonderful full of great recipes.

  8. I just luv making 5 minute ice cream. I've been making it with my ninja and it's the perfect dessert when you are craving ice cream. I've been buying the Ranier cherries and they are sooooo delish, I'll give this a try this weekend.

    Thanks so much for sharing, and oh, the jeggings -- if you are 5'11 or taller and 110 lbs. they are for you!

    Keep Cool and thanks again for the recipe,

    1. Haven't shopped for jeggings..but now that I know they exist, I'm seeing them everywhere!!

  9. Heart got delighted after visiting your blog. I always find something new recipes on you blog and this is awesome. Which makes me visit again and again on your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I think pitted cherries would be a great topping for yogurt or even frozen yogurt.

  11. I make Smoothies similar to this, but I add in some kale and juice. I've never made it with cherries since I don't have a pitter.

  12. I make Smoothies similar to this, but I add in some kale and juice. I've never made it with cherries since I don't have a pitter.

  13. I make Smoothies similar to this, but I add in some kale and juice. I've never made it with cherries since I don't have a pitter.

  14. I make Smoothies similar to this, but I add in some kale and juice. I've never made it with cherries since I don't have a pitter.

  15. I will be trying this tonight with vegan coconut milk yogurt~ it looks wonderful! I have 2 cherry trees in my yard & would love to have a pitter!

  16. Love the 5 min ice cream & jeggings?! :) Need to catch up now that I am back. Missed you & I hope your mom is well. From the sound of it she is as spirited as ever!

  17. very tasty
    my mom always make it for me something like that (^__^)



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