Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nellys' Big Day

 Not too long ago in the Twitterverse I met a girl named @nella22. I quickly learned (things move fast in the Twitterverse) that her name was Marnely aka Nelly. I also learned a few other things about her.
 1.) Nelly is a chef
 2.) Nelly is a baker
 3.) Nelly stays up till all hours Tweeting and Twittering
 4.) Nelly hates (dear to my heart) okra!
 5.) Nelly loves, loves, loves, bacon
 6.) Even more than bacon Nelly loves a chef named Murray!

Murray should be very pleased about this because from what I've observed she's pretty damn smitten with bacon.

Nelly Tweeted and Twitted about Murray and finally during the Thanksgiving holidays she traveled up to MV, (I learned that means Martha's Vineyard) to visit her true love Murray where I presume they would eat bacon together.
 It turns out that it wasn't just about the bacon. Murray had an engagement ring up his sleeve and he popped the question.
 Nelly answered " YESSSSSS!"
 All the Titterverse was abuzz with good wishes and @sanjeetakk  suggested that all the friends of Nelly throughout the world get together on one special day and toss her a virtual Wedding Reception.
   Since all of us love food and write about food what better way to celebrate than to share some special dish or recipe with the happy couple on their special day? And since even was going to occur in the virtual world why not link us all together online in a bloghop to off Nelly and Brian our good wishes.
   Each of us was asked to bring a special dish or recipe to the party so my contribution is one of my husbands favorite desserts, Aztec Chocolate Chili Ice Cream Sandwiches

I chose this recipe because it sort of reminds me of marriage and the things one needs to remember to make it work. It's sweet, but there is a touch of bitter too in the dark chocolate as it only gives the sweet more savor. It's got some heat from the chili, because heat is important in a marriage to keep the fires lit. It's spicy with cinnamon because who doesn't need a little spice in life? Finally I chose this recipe because of the way the opposites work together. The hot and cold, the crunchy and soft, the sweet and the bitter come together just right to make a fabulous whole!
   And that's my wish for you Nelly and Brian, may you find in your similarities and in your differences a fabulous, tasty, delightful whole!
   Many happy years to you!



  1. You're a hoot! Love the comparison of your dish to marriage. So nice to "meet" you at the shower.

  2. Thanks for joining the fun and all your support, glad to have you aboard for the virtual shower!

  3. What a fantastic idea! Love it.

  4. These look so delicious! Nelly with love it.

  5. This is perfect, about opposites attracting, because that's us. I'm the crazy baker and he is the calm cook! Love this, thank you for the kind words dear! It's a pleasure knowing you!

  6. Love this! A great metaphor for a marriage, and something that is definitely going in my mouth at the shower! :)



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