Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving, And Bottoms Up!

   We had another virtual/real world blowout at our house a couple of weekends ago. We first tried this a few months back during the Summer. We invited some of our Twitter friends to mix it up with some RL friends and vice a versa. It was great, no one turned out to be wanted, an axe murderer or not who/what they said they were. So we decided to do it again. For the record @bayareaglutton still holds the record as the first person to be let into our house on a Twitter knowledge only basis.

   Among our guests were the lovely Erin and Phil Jimcosky  aka @endivechronicle and @FoodAperture of Mutineer Magazine. If you've not read Mutineer, it's not your Uncle Freddy's Wine Magazine. These guys are new and fresh on the cutting edge of all things drinkable. I strongly advise you to check 'em out. Of course this was a full frontal goatapalooza afternoon. I'll be posting the recipes and details later, but right now I want to feature something that I've never done before and that is a COCKTAIL!

   We never seem to serve these at our house since everybody is always after the wine and beer with Indian food, but when Phil offered to be the offical Mixmaster for the day, how could I say no. The conversation went something like this.

   "I could make some cocktails, something perfect for the meal." 

   "I don't have anything... well I do but I don't think it goes with anything."

   "Don't worry, I'll bring everything"

   "I have a cocktail shaker and I have cocktail glasses. They were a wedding present 100 years ago and they've never been used."

   "Do you have ice?"


   So Phil came over with his bartending stash and set up on my kitchen table.

He started mixing.

What is this drink called?

The Howl:

It was the brainchild of Alan and Brian Kropf of Mutineer Magazine as a signature cocktail for the Di Rosa Winery Auction X event.  Phil said he learned the drink when he was helping Alan mix the the cocktail for what seemed like 300 people the night of the event.  It was his first time tending bar which led to him to develop a greater respect for bar tenders everywhere.

The Howl Cocktail

 Here's what you'll need to make this drink
 1 part gin
 1/2 part pear syrup
 1/2 part lemon juice
 1 dash lavender bitters

Here's How to Mix it
Add ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shake

Pour into a tumbler with ice.

Add a touch of club soda.
Add 1 dash of lavender bitters for aromatics.

Make sure everyone is served.

   And Cheers! Salud! Prost! Gan Bei!  Kanpei!  Salute! L'Chaim! Cent' Anni'! Ya'sou! Skal! Sante!

Have a Howl-ing great Thanksgiving for those of you celebrating. Coming up next adventures in goating and what is this man thinking about??

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