Saturday, May 21, 2011

Where I've Been ...More Dental Fun and Easy Pickled Cherries

   It's been quite the weekend so far. I had more dental surgery on Friday, prepping for a couple of implants. During the first surgery last Fall, bone grafts etc were required. This time it's a lot easier and my new choppers should be in in a couple of months. However I was a bit snoozy yesterday after surgery as I discovered last night when Alan showed me these. I decided once I was home I would be too tired to read and so decided to watch some HBOGO on my iPad. Alan came in a bit later to check on me to find the movie running along merrily. I however, was out like a light.
   In preparation for all this dental whirlwind, I've been doing a lot of cooking, and I'll be posting my squash dessert tomorrow. Meanwhile as I emerge from the fog of good drugs the dentist gave me, I thought I'd pass along a cherry pickling recipe I'd put up a year or so ago. This all came about because of a Twitter conversation with Master Chef Jon Rowley  a week or so ago after I'd posted a piece on the wonderful local cherries I'd snagged at our Sonoma Farmers Market.
   I mentioned pickling them and he said that he'd never heard about doing that. Neither had I before I tried it a few years ago. Turns out one can pickle almost anything! There are a wealth of cherry pickling recipes out there and of all I saw, these were my favorites. After I received a few requests from people for the recipe, I thought I'd re-post it Here for those of you who have cherries coming into season. One of the recipes is for sweet and spicy cherries (perfect for Manhattans I've been informed by those who have tried them.) The other recipe is for tart and savory cherries.

Pickled Cherries

 Next up, I'll be posting about a nifty little dessert made with squash that surprised even me. Follow along on Twitter @kathygori


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