Sunday, April 24, 2011

Where I've Been...Recovering From Too Much Fun!

   I've been eating out every day since last Monday, indulging in all manner of tasty bites. I've been up past 2:00 A.M. most days/nights? I have been in short, enjoying myself. Now I am paying the penance in laundry, dish washing, vacuuming and general all around food discipline. Well, okay I admit today the family is celebrating Easter and instead of me cooking, my parents had an alternate suggestion. We  are going out to of all things an Austrian restaurant. Speatzle is exactly what my ass is calling out for right now! Yes, indeed. That and more strudel. It's not bad enough that Sift has opened a branch right over the county line in Napa, a mere 10 miles from my house (nothing in terms of seeking out a great cupcake) so there's that to contend with.
   I closed out this week of gorging with a party and sent Irving and Tim back to LA with their bellies full. Tim spent most of the visit breaking down a script (getting it ready for shooting...)
...while Irving and Alan and I ate, drank and made merry through most of Sonoma County, finishing up with ice cream and ruby grapefruit sorbet at home.
Friday night I had my very own personal photo shoot. Irving spends most of his time filming movie stars, so he said, "Why don't I take some pictures of you? You can use them for your blog." Why not indeed. I did not want to put make up on or wash my hair (it was that kind of day) and once I found out only my top half would show and I wouldn't even have to put on real pants (get out of my yoga pants) the game was on.
Of course all the posing aside, bright and early Friday night we started cooking as a party was brewing. Between the two of us, we turned out a lot of food. Samosa cups...
Vegetarian momo...
And it wouldn't be an Indian buffet without Pizza Margarita(s)... lots of them.
   I'd show the cake but it was eaten too quickly. Anyway, once I've recovered my strength, (tomorrow) I'll be sharing a recipe that starts as a salad and ends as vegetarian momo. Oh, and my stove's new switches go in tomorrow also. Follow along on Twitter @kathygori


  1. GORGEOUSNESS!! These photos are awesome (love the first one a la Iron Chef. =)). What a splendid meal!

  2. I'm lucky, cause this guy shoots the Twilight kids and he can even make the undead look fabulous!

  3. Those portraits of you are incredible. Personality plus! Sometime minimal styling and spontaneous shooting produces the best results. The food looks divine.

  4. perfect photos!

    new to ur space n so happy to follow u !
    Do visit my blog as time permits ..

  5. Too much fun?!? There's no such thing! Great photos!

  6. I love the photos of you. I wanted to reach through the screen and hug you. I swear I feel like we have known each other forever and we never have even met in person.

  7. :-D!
    Loved the last snapshot.

  8. Great pictures! I'm always amazed by all the stuff you make. You guys whipped all this up in one evening? It would have taken a week of planning on my part to get all that on the table. :-)



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