Monday, March 14, 2011

Moby Waffle! The Hunt For The Perfect Breakfast Treat

   Call Me Ishmael, (not really) but ever since I bought my first waffle iron, and the good people at Tropical Traditions sent me a complimentary bag of their organic gluten-free coconut flour to try, Sunday has become waffle day around our house and I've got a new appreciation for crazy-ass Captain Ahab and his OCD jones over that big 'ol bag of blubber, Moby Dick.
   For the first time, high school English teachers be damned, I got him. I mean I really got him! That combination of stubbornness and one track mindedness (is that even a word?) possessed me, and I was going to -  do you hear me -  GOING TO make those waffles work!!
   Last week the waffles looked great, tasted good, but something was lacking... mainly moisture. The hunt for moist, tasty gluten-free, sugar-free waffles continued. Oh, I didn't tell you we were also going sugar free? Yes. I got interested in working with stevia and thought since I was going gluten-free I'd also go sugar free. I mean what the hell, why not go for broke here? I would've gone vegan too but I wasn't totally prepared for that.
   I did more research on coconut flour and all things waffly and kept running across comments about adding in various purees to sort of "wet" things up since coconut flour is a thirsty little bugger and absorbs almost anything one puts into it. So after reading others' adventures in coconut oil, I decided to go with one ingredient I had in my larder and a lot of people seemed to like - Pureed pumpkin. Ta Dah!
  The batter was the same as last week. Here's the recipe. The only difference was the addition of 4 Tbs of pureed pumpkin. Another thing I did differently, and this may depend on ones' particular waffle Iron (I chose a model that has several settings) and I set it to crispy exterior, moist interior. Turns out, that that made all the difference.
That and the addition of some melted butter and fresh local organic blueberries (from Watsonville).
 And for those who like it, organic maple syrup.
   Now about these waffles. Given the challenges, I thought they were pretty darn good. There is no one in our house dealing with gluten issues or sugar issues, but I have many friends who are, and many Indian recipes are naturally gluten free, so I'm interested in fixing things that they could potentially eat at a brunch at our house.
  Of course there were Vegas eggs
 ...and some Black Pig bacon did find it's way onto the plate. I feel as though I've finally sunk my harpoon into my coconut flour whale of a waffle and taken it down!
   I'll be moving on to some other sorts of waffles as time goes by as I just love fiddling with that little waffler dingus I bought. Coming up next, a quick and easy spicy spinach dish that can pass as a side or double as a relish. Follow along with me on Twitter @kathygori


  1. Hey Ish!
    Nice looking waffles.

    The whale

  2. Great looking waffles... you are truly a gadget queen.

  3. @penny aka jeroxie,
    if you only knew..I practically had a melt down in Williams-Sonoma last week..too many choices!

  4. @janis,
    thanks...I think I'm going to try a different type next I love what they look like coming out of the iron. Is Dr. Food back from India?

  5. The Waffles look scrumptious, Kathy! Love the fresh Bluberries, can't get to see these exotica here :(

  6. I have had Waffle Breakfast Parties a couple of times. One was not long after I'd had an Ice Cream Party. That we ascertained that anything you will like on ice cream is usually a good toping for a waffle. I suspect that anything you might eat IN ice cream works in a waffle, too.

    (My husband is gluten sensitive and I found you in the unending search for GF cooking modifications.)



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