Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Birthday Revels Continue!

The Birthday Cake With a Happy Holi Birthday Theme

   We've had nothing but rain and storms since my birthday week started. Birthday week? Yes. Somehow this event has extended out beyond and before the actual day. It started with a surprise birthday lunch at friends on Wednesday, rolled on to Morimoto on Thursday and yesterday on the actual day, a birthday dinner party thrown by several friends at our buddy Rays' house. It was a great pot luck and everyone brought something except me! 'Cause I am the birthday girl and until late next week, I'm in the no cooking zone. Here's some of the fun...
Heather can run but she can't hide
Mr. X gives a lesson
Salad Prep 
Tweeting at the table?
The Princess cake disappeared
I am almost never taking these off
Ron in a bottle
The Capitaine up to no good
   There were a bunch of wines served, but the most popular was something from Gamba Vineyards that everyone went crazy for.
   Tonight we're going to another friends', and next Saturday night I'm cooking a big Indian street food menu for a self inflicted and final birthday party at our house. And that should do it. At least for another year.
   Driving back late last night through pooling water and high winds was tricky. We climbed our little one lane hill to find everything cold and dark and the house in a total power outage. Luckily I keep a hand cranked flashlight in the glove box and we have battery lanterns and candles aplenty in the house, something we've learned over years of temporary and full time country living, so we were able to find our keys and the door and let ourselves in. This is turning out to be quite the week.
   Coming next, a fast and easy meatless Monday special. Follow along on Twitter @kathygori



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