Monday, March 28, 2011

The Birthday Finale! Cakes and Cab, The Wine That Made France Jealous.

    My week of birthday revels came to a smashing finale Saturday night with an Indian street-food-a-palooza party.
 This last week had been a mad, crazy blur of late nights and eating out, running the gamut from Morimoto to iHop. So I thought that Saturday night should be my turn back in the kitchen as a way of thanking all my friends who'd made the week (okay the last 11 days) so special for me.
  I decided that the best way to have some fun was to make a whole bunch of street-food style snacks. There were samosas,
 and an array of chutneys, relishes and salads.
In short,a lot of food.
 And of course....The Wine. About The Wine. We're talking about a magnum of Chateau Montelena 1974 Cabernet. Read about it here.
   This was the famous vineyard and one of the famous wines that put Sonoma and Napa on the Wine map. Look out France. The Wine was a gift from our attorney and we've kept it carefully waiting for just the perfect occasion to open it. Saturday night was the night.
   Thanks to our friend Leighton who's actually in the wine business, it was carefully opened...
...poured, sniffed and enjoyed by all. It was a 37 year old bottle and we opened it just in time! People had a great time, eating...
(World traveler Mr. X certifying the authenticity of the dishes)
(The wolfs' stare will hypnotize you into giving her a momo)
and lurking.
(Patsy's go-to spot at parties is under the dining room table, just in case of course.)

It wouldn't be a party without presents.
Culinary tools
Reading Material (I'm probably the last person on the planet that hasn't read this)
 The odd item.
No, this is not what you think it is, get your mind out of the gutter (then drop and give me 10)
   It's a gnocchi board okay? A gnocchi board! No more dominatrix jokes.
  Finally the cake came out. And what a cake. We always serve Princess cakes from the best bakery in Sonoma, Scandia! Alan consulted with the owner Marcella. He wanted an Indian themed cake. He'd shown her some sari fabric and she suggested a henna design for the cake, which is what she did. She's great. She even called the house on Friday night to tell us what a great time she was having with the project. She totally kicked ass with the cake!

   The night was amazing. Great friends, good food, who needs anything more? Maybe just a candle or two less on the cake. Maybe?? It's now 24 hours later and I'm still doing dishes but who cares? A birthday comes just once a year... if you work it right it could go on for at least 11 days!
   In the next few days I'm going to be sharing the recipes and how to's of what I served. With the exception of the momo, all the dishes were vegetarian. Follow along on Twitter @kathygori


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