Thursday, December 9, 2010

I will be gone for the next few days, my younger sister died.

 My sister Karen who has been in hospice and ill for a very very long time, died last night of kidney failure. She was with her kids and husband and our family and we were able to spend good quality time and say our goodbyes. Even though this has been expected for so long, it's still always a shock when it finally happens. The hospice nurses were simply wonderful to everyone and took such good care of her and it was all very peaceful.
    The only reason I'm posting this here is that I just felt I couldn't not share this. All of you who read this blog and whose blogs I read are like family, and I felt I had to be honest with what's been happening here. Karen had a good life and did what she wanted almost to the end, and even though she wouldn't dream of touching Indian food she always got a kick out of the website, and her favorite recipe advice to me was the word "slather" as in "when in doubt just slather." I hope to be back with some culinary therapy soon. I always feel better when I'm cooking and reading about what all of you are doing.


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