Monday, November 1, 2010

A Night of Wins!!!! The World Series and Food Ninjas.

   It's big night here in Northern California. The San Francisco Giants just took the World Series in five games with the winning game deep in the heart of Texas. For this 5th generation San Franciscan, all I can say is Awhooooooooo!!! This is a very happy city tonight.
   So while we're sitting watching the game with our friends Chip and Terri, of course we're Tweeting and checking emails, and lo and behold I find out that the Giants aren't the only winners around here. Turns out that my Ninja Recipe entry in the Food Ninja Contest won!!
 Wheeee! Especially delightful since this was an entry that I wrote and sent in while flying on post surgical pain killers. I have to thank the 3 Ninjas  Salty Seattle, Lafujimama, and Bell'alimento.
 The Ninjas were infinitely patient with me  as I kept Twittering and e-mailing them with questions. "Did you get my entry? Did I send my entry? Who am I?"
    I'm thrilled to have won and I thank all who voted for me. I congratulate  my fellow winners, one of whom I understand lives in Sonoma too, and I'm excited to be trying out those chili peppers!
 Ninjas' Rule!


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