Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Big POM Wonderful Dinner..A Teaser.

Pom? Pom? Did somebody say a Pom Party??
   In the movie business we believe in teasers. Teasers are those little intriguing snippets of films that are shown before what you actually paid to see. They are the things that excite you about The Next Big Thing coming down the pike.
   In sleazier circles some people have been known to just got to certain film festivals with a poster and an idea and about 5 minutes of film.  If they can get someone interested in seeing the film based on that, then maybe they'll actually pony up the cash to make the movie. My favorite film in this category involves a poster I saw that was made for Cannes as few years back, "Sharkman: He'll Eat You!" The poster showed a hunky guy in a bathing suit with his arms crossed, but from the neck up he was shark.  I'd have to call that... intriguing. To put it mildly. I don't know if Sharkman ever got made, but it is in the spirit of Sharkman that I'm posting this. My POM Party Teaser.
   I threw my big POM Wonderful Party last night. Much food, all of it POM-based. Fabulous wines, POM beverages too. Everyone stayed till nearly midnight. As a result I'm still cleaning up around here. So just a quick peek at the table. With more to come.
   Coming next, my official POM Party entry with a blow by blow description of all the action, food and beverages served.

 There will be Mystery!
 Bizarre Rituals, never before seen in the West!
Coming of Age Ceremonies!
Dionysian Revels, shocking , exotic, carbonated!
  And...A Wolf!
  Coming Soon to The Colors Of Indian Cooking! **
 *No One will Be Seated After The Second Paragraph.
 *Do Not Tell Your Friends The Shocking Ending!


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