Thursday, October 28, 2010

Take Me Out To The Living Room. A Hearty Sandwich For The World Series.

   I have to hand it to the folks at Nature's Pride Bread. They do make some tasty goods. The last time I sampled some, I turned it into an Indian style Bread Pudding with coconut and pineapple. Tasteee! But the real test of any bread is how good does it stand up on its' own. When the rubber meets the road and the chicken meets the bread and crosses the road... whatever. My husband is the bread expert around our house and when the big box arrived from the Natures Pride people, I had all I could do to keep him from getting into it right away. He loved that bread so much the last time when I made bread pudding from it, I had a pretty good idea he'd go nuts if I served it to him in a sandwich.
   I have to confess here. I don't make a lot of sandwiches at our house. I've never been much of a sandwich girl, but I thought what is the best way to test this bread? The answer was clear; toasted with something yummy in between.

 So since I am a 5th generation San Franciscan, and San Francisco is up against the Texas Rangers in the World Series this year. I thought I'd fix my game-watching husband a World Series Special and put my Natures Pride Oatmeal Bread to the test.
    As most of you know, I haven't been chewing a lot lately, not since my dental surgery on the 8th. So I couldn't participate in this little road test. Alan however is the maestro of sandwiches and was eagerly looking forward to knocking off the writing early this afternoon in order to catch the game action. I needed to come up with a truly Series-worthy sandwich.
   I knew he was serious about this sandwich test when we were at the market this morning and he grabbed a bag of Kettle Chips because "they'll look really good on the plate in the picture, don't you think?" Sure.
  Also "Orangina looks great in a wine glass, right? And the bottle has a cool shape that photographs really well". Okay for the Orangina.
  Ever since I'd made all those fig preserves I'd been wanting to use them, and I thought what a great idea for a San Francisco Series Sandwich.  I'd bring together some NorCal Favorites with a Tuscan twist. 'Cause that's what my home town is all about, right? Figs, organic roast chicken with lemon and rosemary from the garden, a nice aged cheese, tender butter lettuce and thin sliced red onion.

   The first thing I did was to pan roast a chicken breast in a 425 degree oven. I tucked some fresh rosemary and lemon under the skin, drizzled it with a bit of extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper, then popped it in a cast iron pan and let it roast for about 30 minutes.
   I decided to turn the Nature's Pride Oatmeal Bread into a sort of bruschetta. I toasted it on a traditional European brustolina grill, a gift from some Finnish friends.
The bread toasts on a nifty little metal grill that looks like a hunk of bed springs and sits on top of the burner so the bread is gently toasted from below. Perfection.
   Now about those fig preserves. I wanted to pair them with a great cheese. Figs love Paranno cheese, but they were out of it at the market so I settled on an aged Gouda. Not too shabby.
I figured that the figs would serve as a sort of chutney for the chicken, and to put a bit of bite into it, the cheese on top. I spread the figs and the thinly sliced cheese on the Nature's Pride Bruschetta.

I took the rosemary and lemon slices from under the skin and then sliced the breast meat  into thin sandwich slices.
 I placed the chicken on top of the fig preserves and the cheese,  then topped that with some thinly sliced red onion and a leaf of butter lettuce then topped it all off with another slice of Nature's Pride Oatmeal Bread turned bruschetta.

    I served it and awaited the verdict.
So did Patsy! Unfortunately she had to settle for kibble.
  What's the verdict on Nature's Pride and the World Series Nor Cal Tuscan Sandwich???? Alan ate two of them. 'Nuf said??

Update #1:  No matter what anyone says, baseball is a blood sport too. The Giants walked all over the Rangers last night. Sandwich magic? Maybe.

Update #2:  I'm a proud Food Ninja and am in a Food Ninja competition. I'd love to have your vote,  so  please go to Lafujimamas' site and cast a vote for me. I'm entered in the Ninja Recipe Category for Chili Verde, Cooking While Unconscious.


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