Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Shameless Plug From Patsy..Project Food Blog!

 Vote for my employee Kathy, and The Colors of Indian Cooking in Project Food Blog!!
   I'm not sure if this is exactly legal but... I break the rules all the time. Rules about getting in the closet and eating designer shoes, rules about climbing on the kitchen table and eating cheese from Whole Foods, wrapper and all in one gulp, so that "she" thinks she's losing it. It's a real "Gaslight "moment if any of you have ever seen that old movie. (There's a cat in it)... rules about leaving a little "present" on the Persian rug in the living room. Of course it's been a while since I've done that.. but still. So I'm putting in a little notice here reminding all of you to vote for this woman that takes care of me,  Kathy I think her name is.
    Anyhoo, she's been running around here like a crazy person because she's entered in this Project Foodbuzz thing. She's supposed to be this "great Indian cook", but I personally never get to taste any of it because supposedly it'd kill me or something. Anyway that's what "she" says. Claims it's too spicy for me or something. If she only knew half the things I've eaten around here. You should have seen what my associate Lovey here ate the other day. We're waiting for "her" to find out. It's a surprise.
   So make her happy she's a simple creature click here read her entry and vote for her. Maybe she'll get so excited if she goes on to the next round, she'll start dropping stuff.
    My lawyer Monty
  says this plugs okay, so long as I don't accept any scraps for that's gonna happen!


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