Monday, May 3, 2010

Strawberry Cheese Cake Ice Cream Thanks To DayDreamer Desserts!

 Every now and then something comes along that I cannot resist and that cries out"Make me!! Immediately!" Such was the case with an amazing recipe for Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream via the blog Daydreamer Desserts.
 The moment my husband saw that post, I knew this was going to happen, the sooner the better. The Sooner turned out to be this last Saturday evening. There couldn't have been a better time as the weather has suddenly turned warm and summery. It seems as though we've gone directly from Winter to Summer, don't pass Spring! Fresh local strawberries are everywhere. How could I resist.
  I made a slight adjustment on the recipe, I used fat free sour cream which worked just fine, and the next time I try this I may go all the way and use either low-fat or fat-free Philly...just to feel virtuous mind you.
  The ice cream turned out splendidly. Above you see it served up all gussied up for Saturdays' guests.
Below the way I enjoyed it the next day.
And finally, my other adjustment. I made a few extra chocolate ( I used Valrhona chocolate) covered chocolate graham crackers and turned the treat into an ice cream sandwich.
Which was thoroughly appreciated.

I'm definitely doing this again, and think I might try it with cherries this time around. This is what I love about these food blogs great ideas come flooding in from everywhere and just beg to be whipped up. I do have a note for Daydreamer Desserts, Alan saw your cake pops...I think I'm toast!


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